Fast racers are trying to break it The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears

For the average player, The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It will take over 50 hours to beat – that is, to complete the game’s main story and save Hyrule. In the fast running community? Just over 60 minutes. For casual players, conquer Kingdom Tears It is all about diligence, patience and creative phrasing. For speed runners, it’s about using every tool at their disposal to push the limits of what the latest iterations of Zelda allow. It is a strategy game, where each player competes against himself to act faster and smarter.

The first to claim victory, Karl Wernick, who went to Gymnast86 online, hails from the United States and set his community record with a time of 1:34:33. He has a long history of trying to beat Zelda games as fast as he can. “It’s a very different experience than playing the game casually, and it’s possible to do both,” Wernicke says. “I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the game casually and will likely continue to enjoy it when I get around [completely] terminate it.”

In a video posted on May 12, which he (correctly) predicted would get old quickly, Wernicke gives players a brief explanation of how he knocked his record out. He explains the weapons he researched, the parts he needed to join using the game’s Fuse, and how he defeated each boss. Familiar glitches in the last game, Breath of the Wild, aren’t present here, which means Wernicke can hop by running without messing up any glitches or use his Amiibo to unlock helpful bonuses, like weapons or his trusty steed Epona. Instead, the time he spent refining his course revolved mostly around boss fights – how to approach each one “in a way that yields decently consistent results without sacrificing too much time”.

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But there is one thing Wernicke wants to make clear. “The biggest misunderstanding by far is that I somehow have to do this right when the game is released without prior or deliberate practice,” he says. “While that would be impressive, that is not the case.”

Wernicke had already been submerged for 35 hours or so Kingdom Tears By the time he stopped running. He not only played a leaked copy of the game, but also bought it via the Australian store to offer it to some players, and bought a physical copy to see load times between formats. The fact that the game is a sequel also worked in his favor. “I didn’t have to get used to a completely different system in order to roll well in this game,” he says. The basic mechanics and controls were already old hat.

Kingdom Tears Director Hidemaro Fujibayashi says the team expected players to try to detour along a path set for them. If a player finds a way to dive right into Hyrule Castle, for example, that could break the game. While it’s possible someone could pull it off, says Fujibayashi, it “is still well within the realm of what we expected as a possible outcome. We made the game not to completely break it, but that’s, I think, a possible place.”

Players have already figured out how to break the game in smaller but very useful ways. In one example Posted on Twitter, the player tricks the game system into turning a board with an apple into it into a kind of magic carpet transport that can zip across the map at high speeds. The speedrunning community generally welcomes bugs and the benefits they provide. It’s fair game, Wernicke says, with rare exceptions for extreme examples that would allow you to override the code and write your own. Currently, there is no such thing Kingdom Tears Even so,” he says.

It’s still too early for gamers to find out about all that Kingdom Tearssecrets, and many will spend the next months combing through everything the game has to offer. It’ll have to beat it for Nintendo to start thinking about what’s next The Legend of Zelda Game. “It’s great to play and deconstruct in unexpected ways, and I hope they continue to bring new creativity—both casually and for speedrunning—in future games,” says Wernicke.

As for the development team, they are excited to see how players exceed their imaginations and expectations. However: “I have to admit that there is a small part of me that feels a bit intimidated,” says Fujibayashi of the sprinters’ knack for opening up games. “But of course we created this game in a way that it’s meant to be broken, and that means really pushing the envelope in terms of how people express their creativity.”

But in a sprinting society, wins are lost just as quickly as running. As of this writing, Gynmast86’s best run was only enough to earn it fifth place. A player named Zdi with a time of 1:09:55 holds the world record. for now. The Zdi’s entry includes one note: “Bad playback.”

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