The sad Zelda trailer was based on a Japanese Amazon review

As reported at the time, the makers of the commercial were inspired by, of all things, the Amazon review left under its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. Written by a Japanese user, it tells the story of a “working adult” who spends his days “obviously wondering why I’m still alive.”

Rediscover your sense of adventure with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

I am an adult worker called Entrepreneur. I am bothered by the rush of passengers, bowing to customers and bosses, forced to train junior staff and do many things, and end up working overtime every day. Even the mountain I see on my way to work, whose name I don’t even know, bothers me. When I go home, I feel dizzy and have no energy to eat food, so I drink alcohol and sleep. If I have time to play games, I have to go to seminars or look for a marriage partner, which makes me more patient than I should be. I spend my days obviously wondering why I’m still alive.

I went to buy alcohol because I ran out and saw the corkscrew for sale in stores. Then I remembered today. When I was a kid and had already gotten into Mario 64, my friend said, “I can’t play Mario nowadays! Now is the PlayStation era!” At the time, I didn’t want my boyfriend to hate me, so I also remember replying, “Yeah, you’re right. Mario is really old fashioned!”

The beauty of FF7 at the time and the shock of being able to listen to the CD on TV… New kids may not understand these feelings. That’s how attractive and innovative it was for kids at the time.

I’m still not sure why I chose to switch at that time. I just held a beer in one hand and bought the console and Zelda, thinking I could sell them if they were boring.

Yesterday, my work day, I looked out the train window at a mountain whose name I didn’t even know and thought, “Looks like I can climb that mountain.” At that moment, I burst into tears and couldn’t stop. The businessmen next to me of the same age must have thought, “What the hell is this guy.”

I would recommend it to all my fellow businessmen who are pressed for time and scramble day in and day out to maintain the status quo, even if everyone hates you. Don’t say it’s just a game. We were born into the golden age of video games. Have you ever seen your family move their entire body when Mario jumps? Remember playing Mario Kart or Smash Bros with your friends bringing their controllers? Have you ever discussed Chrono Trigger or FF7 strategies with your friends? Now I know. When I was naughty, my parents bought me expensive consoles and software for my birthday and Christmas and something. My parents, who always teased me, managed to scrape together money from their living budget to buy me expensive toys.

I have been affected by the belated realization of many things that I did not realize due to the busyness of living my life. I should have been more filial.

All 5 star reviews are good, so nothing to talk about now. Zelda gives me the “challenge and reward” I forgot about. I can explore the world freely without maps, it’s an exciting adventure experience. People my age get sick everyday to beat it tomorrow. But do not despair of your life. It was the adventure I wanted in such a place.

note I feel like thanking Zelda and would like to apologize to the Mario 64 development team and Nintendo. I’d like to apologize for the lies I told the other day, saying Mario 64 is old fashioned, even though I loved it. I’m honestly looking forward to the release of Mario Odyssey this winter.

Postscript, May 7: After 180 hours of playing, I got all the “memory recovered” and saw the end. More than anything, I want to thank all of the people who read my appalling, long, drawn out and embarrassing emotionally written review. I would also like to thank all the people who gave this review “helpful”, not only for reading it. I have never been so appreciated by so many people even in my job. I really enjoyed the 180 hours I spent running around Hyrule. I want to thank not only Nintendo but also all the Zelda fans who have continued to support Zelda. Thank you for the great adventure.

For all the similarities between this guy’s story and the commercial, the part where he apologizes for abandoning Mario in the face of a PlayStation ad campaign – I did something similar Sonic 3 When my friends were playing WipeOut- hit difficult.

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