Even the developers of Final Fantasy XVI couldn’t keep up with the game’s bewildering storyline

There is a lot going on Final Fantasy XVISquare Enix’s next stylish reinvention of the popular RPG series. Between the new setting, massive Eikon battles, and game of thrones Important, FFXVI It can be confusing to follow. And if you feel that way while you’re playing, You’repeats not alone, as the developers added an in-game explanation because even the team couldn’t follow the game’s complex narrative.

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It will launch as a PlayStation 5 exclusive on June 22, FFXVI Is this a drastic change to the series, producer Naoki Yoshida said in August 2022?StruggleTo maintain its relevance in an evolving industry. The game is completely breaking away from its turn-based roots to become something more action-oriented, Closer to 2018 God of War (All while harnessing PS5 power). Recently Suggest previews The shift works, even if series veterans may have a hard time molding themselves to the new formula. Another component that makes adjusting to FFXVI The stories are hard to tell, so stylized and so confusing that Square Enix needed to build something called Active Time Lore to fully understand what doesn’t make sense.

FFXVIActive Time Lore at your fingertips

Active Time Lore is new to Final Fantasy franchise. revealed for the first time in February 2023 PlayStation Blog postThe feature allows you to pause at any time during gameplay – especially in the middle of a cutscene – so you can read about events that just happened, what’s going on broadly in the world, the character and the terms they use, or even the factions and locations involved. It’s like having a detailed Wikipedia in the game, making it so you don’t have to search the internet to find out, for example, why protagonist Clive Rosefield is emo.

in May 22 interview with ribbedYoshida said that while Square Enix’s goal had always been to tell such a sweeping epic of a story with a huge cast, doing such a thing would inevitably lead to confusion. This perplexity was especially felt among the core development team, which prompted the creation of the Active Time Lore feature, according to Yoshida.

“I think it was May in 2019,” he said. “We pretty much gathered key staff from all the departments working on the game, and read the entire script together. We found out that a lot of the internal core staff were lost, and they didn’t know what was going on! So we suddenly realized we needed some way to support players who would feel this The way too. Because if we as developers feel like it, gamers will definitely do it.”


according to ribbedThere are some characters in the game that make this even more clear FFXVIconfusing narrative. Loresman Harpocrates shares ancient tales with you via an unlockable library. Then there is the political researcher Vivian Naintalis who can give you tea about the situation between the Kingdom and its main players, A Baby Silvia To draw relations and the military situation. These characters, along with Active Time Lore, feel like welcome additions to a series that’s hard to follow precisely.

Kotaku Square Enix has reached out for comment.

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Confusing narrative aside, FFXVI Looks like an epic action game. While there is still a month before its official launch, it is Reportedly a demo of the game is available Before that, it gives you a few hours to play as a young Clive to immerse yourself in game of thrones-esque story.

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