The new Specialized Allez loses rim brakes and increases versatility with 35mm of tire clearance

Specialized announced two new Allez models for 2023, said to be “financially responsible” but “irresponsibly fast.”

The brand’s entry-level road bike will be available in two builds, a Shimano Claris-equipped 8-speed Allez at £1100 / $1200 / €1200 / AU$1800 and a 10-speed Shimano Tiagra Allez Sport at £1600 / $1800 / €1750. 2500 Australian dollars.

Designed with versatility in mind, the 2023 Allez is claimed to be the “lightest weight in its class,” while offering “more confidence, versatility, and performance than ever before.”

How does the new Allez ride? We tested the Specialized Allez Sport to find out.

The lightest in the class

The Specialized Allez frame weighs 1,375g.

Specialized claims that the latest Allez bike is the lightest of its kind on the market.

This comes with the caveat that it is benchmarked against other aluminum road bikes with disc brakes “in the same retail price range”.

The frame is claimed to weigh 1,375 grams, and is plated at 56cm. Specialized pairs with a full carbon fork.

For context, Trek says the plated Émonda ALR frame weighs 1,257g (in unspecified size).

However, the Allez is available at a much lower price (albeit with lower-level specifications). The Émonda ALR range starts at £2,325 / $2,299 / AU$3499.99 for a Shimano 105-spec bike.

As with their outgoing Allez bikes, Specialized used their proprietary E5 alloy, which is bolted and bolted in select areas.

The Allez E5 Dove Gray Pipe Welding Disc.

The frame has double flattened tubes.

This is where the metal tube wall is made thinner towards the middle of the tube, before returning to its original wall thickness at the end of the tube. This in theory saves weight.

To identify areas where weight can be saved, or wall thickness can be reduced to improve compliance, Specialized put the Allez tire through Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Specialized claims are used to ensure that the bike will provide the riding characteristics that customers associate with the Allez.

Goodbye brake tyres


The Allez no longer comes with rim brakes.

Specialized introduced the Allez in 1981, and throughout its life the bike has featured rim brakes. But, in keeping with the Allez Sprint’s commitment to disc brakes in 2022, Specialized’s road bike also dropped rim brakes.

The American brand says the switch is made because disc brakes offer “greater confidence, power and modulation.”

The outgoing rim brake model had, as an affordable option, the £999 Allez E5. These featured a Shimano Claris drivetrain and Tektro rim brakes.

Now, the most affordable Allez disc has gone up to £1,100. For this, you get the same Shimano Claris gearing, though the brakes are cable-actuated Tektro disc brakes.

The price of the Allez Sport has increased from £1,200 to £1,600. The price jump is more significant, but the bike now comes with Shimano Tiagra components, instead of Sora. The disc brakes on this model are hydraulic.

Elsewhere, the specs are largely unchanged. Both bikes roll on a set of tubeless-ready Axis Sport Disc wheels and come with Specialized 700 x 30mm Roadsport tires as standard.

Specialized has a shallow diameter handlebar up front, providing a 70mm reach and 125mm drop, with Specialized also providing an alloy stem and 27.2mm safety post.

A specialized engineered bridge saddle with steel rails completes the finishing kit.

Improved dexterity


Bike can fit rack and mudguards.

With clearance for 35mm road bike tires, there’s plenty of room for full-length mudguards. Specialized offered standard three-point mounting at the chainstay, asymmetric seatpost bridge, and just above the axles.

The extra tire clearance opens up the Allez’s potential as a bike for more than just road riding.

While Specialized says the bike is still designed primarily for paved surfaces, it claims that it is “definitely capable of light gravel, smoothing out rough pavement, and exploring the usual beaten path.”

As with previous models, the Allez is designed to appeal to commuters, as well as those looking for a dedicated winter bike.

You can also install a bicycle carrier for larger bags.

Easier engineering

Allez E5 disc specialist in dove gray.

The bike has a slacker head tubular angle than its predecessor.

Specialized says the geometry is based on the Roubaix endurance bike, as well as the outgoing Allez. The stack number on our 52cm test bike, for example, is still at 552mm.

However, there are a few small changes that make the new Allez geometry more accessible to new riders. The reach figure of 364mm is 12mm shorter than the old Allez and the head tube angle has been slacked from 73 degrees to 71 degrees.

Adding to this tighter riding position is the trail profile, which goes from 55mm to 71mm. This is designed to make handling more predictable.

Alize Specialized Engineering Scheme

Specialized Allez prices and specifications

The new Specialized Allez will be available in two models, the Allez and Allez Sport.

The Allez comes with a Shimano Sora and the Allez Sport gets a Shimano Tiagra.

Specialized continues to offer the Allez in a wide range of sizes, from 44cm for young riders, all the way up to 61cm. All frames are designed around 700c wheels.

The base Allez will be available in blue, gray or red. The Allez Sport is available in black, light gray or teal.

Lays Sport Specialist

Elise Disc Sport Specialist.

The Specialized Allez Sport features a 10-speed Tiagra engine.

  • Frameset: Specialized Allez E5 frame with Specialized FACT full carbon fork
  • group: Shimano Tiagra, 10-speed with disc brakes
  • Wheels: Tubeless sport axle disc ready
  • Tires: Specialized Road Sport, 700 x 30 mm
  • handlebar: Specialized shallow drop
  • Yanbu: 3D forged alloy
  • saddle: Specialized body engineering bridge
  • price: 1600 GBP / 1800 USD / 1750 EUR / 2500 AUD

Specialist laser

Specialized Alize E5 Disk.

The Specialized Allez disc has a Claris eight-speed drivetrain.

  • Frameset: Specialized Allez E5 frame with Specialized FACT full carbon fork
  • group: Shimano Claris 8-speed with Tektro disc brakes
  • Wheels: Tubeless sport axle disc ready
  • Tires: Specialized Road Sport, 700 x 30 mm
  • handlebar: Specialized shallow drop
  • Yanbu: 3D forged alloy
  • saddle: Specialized body engineering bridge
  • price: £1,100 / $1,200 / €1,200 / A$1,800

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