These zodiac signs will be the worst week, but it’s only temporary

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Trusting the process is hard enough, but the sun’s thought-provoking trip through Gemini gets the mind working. For example, it’s no wonder these three zodiac signs have the worst week from May 22nd to May 28th, when they are most likely to hold back on their intuition which can lead to frustration. Sure, just the thought of venturing into the unknown may seem initial, but today’s astrology is leading everyone down a whole new path. Fortunately, with the support of this fact-checking season, here’s your chance to get the answers you’ve been looking for.

The start of the week is going to be a heavy rollercoaster, especially when considering what remains of this month’s ‘solid big cross’. Entering sensual, earth-centered Taurus, Jupiter makes an initial square to retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, immediately sparking a sense of friction between wanting to prioritize creature comfort versus the mass rebirth that’s taking place. Soon after, Mars made its official debut in Leo, which in turn activated the intersection of energies between both Jupiter and the Lord of the Underworld. Mars is having a heated debate with Jupiter, reaching new heights on May 23. Mars in Leo is very passionate and proud when it comes to his desires and Jupiter exaggerates everything he comes into contact with. Need I say more?

Fortunately, Jupiter has the ability to temper the fiery energy of Mars while in Taurus, but this energy is still too hard to work with. Collectively, we are also more likely to take daring risk and/or initiative, but it is important to keep in mind if we are doing something in excess. On May 25, after joining Mars in Leo, the rising Crescent Moon will face off with Mercury in Taurus. To say this is a deliberate synergy would be an understatement, so take a second to calm down before you unintentionally explode. On the dark side, themes of pride and arrogance can prevent you from engaging in free communication.

If your Sun sign and/or Rising sign fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why you’re feeling overwhelmed this week:

These zodiac signs are going to have the worst week

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Although the planet of greater benefit is transiting through your sign, and the desire to set new goals for yourself this coming season, your stubborn streak is also strengthened at this time. Commitment takes a certain amount of discipline, and you know this better than anyone, but it’s important to keep your balance. This is especially true when considering the influence of square Mars in your sign, while igniting your fourth house of home, family, and emotional grounds.

If you feel that energy is stuck and/or overactive in your personal life, take a moment to think about the root of this problem. What part of yourself have you been unconsciously denying? The Moon will finally join Mars in Leo on May 24th, before gaining Mercury in your sign the next day. So if there’s something you’d like to get off your chest, take a breath before you unleash the bull. Otherwise, everything from your appearances to your goals can come to a screeching halt.

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You could have felt chaotic from the moment your modern ruler, Pluto, made his official debut in Aquarius, and Taurus season hasn’t necessarily helped relieve tension. Conversely, despite the Sun’s recent entry into Gemini, tumultuous astrological weather—namely, the steady great conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto retrograde—continues to challenge everything from your sense of security to establishing your partnerships, both on a personal level. or professionally.

On May 23, igniting your bossy tenth house of career and power, your traditional ruler, Mars, will come face-to-face with Jupiter in your relationship sector. Easier said than done under this fiery transit, but tempering your ego and aggression (at least in regards to the job) wouldn’t be a bad idea. In other words, no one will have their cake and eat it either. Likewise, Luna will join Mars in Leo midweek, and will finally square off with Mercury in your relationship sector on May 25th. Conversations with an authority figure can also get hectic, so take a moment to process, before you lose your temper.

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You may be tempted to prioritize the comfort of your living space, and take care of your personal affairs, but the universe clearly has other plans in mind. For example, upon entering the fourth house of your home and family, Jupiter immediately came into a challenging arena with Pluto retrograde in your sign. This has likely created friction when it comes to your personal development versus the stability and consistency you crave, there’s more to it. Fiery Mars is now igniting your relationship sector, which means things are heating up, for better or worse.

On that note, you’ll want to look out for a square Mars to Jupiter on May 23, as the general dynamic between you and your significant other is likely to intensify. Whether it’s the comfort of your cohabitation space, or perhaps the lack of compromise when it comes to your value systems, be sure to keep space for each other at this time. Otherwise, themes of pride and arrogance may prevent you from meeting halfway. Same goes for May 25th, when the Moon in Leo retrogrades with Mercury. Communication can be either narrow-minded or productive. it’s your choice.

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