Former Apple Mail engineer launches Mimestream for Gmail on macOS

Mimestream, the powerful Gmail app built for macOS, is officially out of beta today. Mimestream comes from a former Apple Mail engineer, and it might be the best Gmail app for macOS yet.

Mimestream packages a bunch of Gmail’s most popular features and distills them into a custom Mac app built with the latest technology from Apple.

Mimestream was developed by Neil Jhaveri, who previously spent more than seven years at Apple. During his time at Apple, Jhaveri worked on the Mail and Notes apps for macOS and iPad. He served as Director of Engineering for the Post team when he left in 2017. With this experience, Jhaveri has deep knowledge of how to create an application that is optimized for Mac users.

Mimestream has been in beta testing for nearly three years, with the first native version released in November 2019. Since then, Jhaveri and his small team have perfected the app to include all core Gmail functionality and ensure compatibility and integration with native Mac features.

Today’s launch culminates in a public beta of more than two years, with over 167,000 users joining the beta. During this time, we’ve released over 220 updates, made over 2,500 improvements, added over 100 new features, and grown the company from a solo founder to a team of 5. , and will continue to improve.

How does mimestream work?

What sets Mimestream apart from other email apps is that it uses the official Gmail API instead of the old IMAP protocol. This allows the app to take advantage of features normally only available through Gmail on the web or the Gmail app for iPhone. This comes with the disadvantage that you can only use Gmail accounts with Mimestream.

Jhaveri outlines some key features of the app:

  • Advanced sorting functions Such as labels, inbox categories, server-side filters, calendar invitation responses, snoozing, powerful Gmail search, list filtering, tracking prevention, and vacation responses. You’ll be at Inbox Zero in no time!
  • Organize multiple accounts and group them together with a unified inbox, or keep them in easy-to-reach spaces with profiles. Set unique colors for accounts, set up work hours to limit notifications for work accounts, and even connect profiles to macOS Focus Filters. No more switching back and forth in the browser!
  • Write effortlessly With features like templates, support for Gmail aliases, mentions, code blocks, smart lists, markdown alternatives, undo send, send and archive support, and even synced Gmail signatures. Mimestream makes it fun and easy to reply to email Satisfying.
  • Harness the power of your Mac With push notifications, advanced keyboard shortcuts, trackpad swipe gestures, a beautiful dark mode, sharing support, an extra menu bar, and more.

As part of today’s public launch of Mimestream, the app is also adding a number of new features that will be new to even longtime beta testers:

  • Create and manage server-side Gmail filters
  • Separate accounts into profiles such as “work” and “personal”
  • Opening hours / schedules notification
  • Focus filters
  • Account colors in the message list
  • Manage your Gmail Vacation respondent
  • Naming drafts and stars
  • Additional menu bar
  • Sync colors for Google contacts
  • template variables
  • Select specific messages in conversation view

For Mac users, one of the major changes here is support for Focus Filters:

New in macOS 13, Focus Filters let you configure how apps present notifications while you focus. Mimestream now includes the ability to select which profiles can deliver notifications during a given focus, so you can have more control over adjusting for unwanted distractions.

Take 9to5Mac

I’ve been using Mimestream throughout public beta testing, and I first wrote about it in February 2022. For Gmail and Mac users, it’s really the best option with a full-featured experience native to macOS.

I’m a longtime Apple Mail user, but there are countless ways Mimestream beats Apple’s original option. One area where this really stands out is in research. Apple Mail’s search feature is slow and unreliable, while Gmail’s search feature is incredibly powerful. Because it uses the Gmail API, MImestream is able to bring this powerful search directly into a native app on your Mac.

Now that Mimestream is out of beta, Jhaveri is finally working on monetizing Mimestream to ensure its continued development after more than two years of making the app freely available. Mimestream is available with a fully functional 14-day free trial. After this trial period ends, the app costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

However, to celebrate the long-awaited public launch, you can get Mimestream for $29.99 per year — a whopping 40% off. This offer is valid until June 9, 2023.

Again, as long as you’re immersed in the Gmail ecosystem, Mimestream is the best native email client for macOS on the market today. Perhaps most importantly, expect it to get updates at a much faster pace than Apple Mail.

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