A millionaire used blood from his teenage son to reverse aging

Brian Johnson, a 45-year-old biotech founder, hopes to turn back the clock on his body by a few decades with a program he started, called Project Blueprint.
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  • Brian Johnson is a 45-year-old millionaire trying to slow down the aging process.
  • Bloomberg reports that his latest project involves obtaining blood plasma from his 17-year-old son.
  • Johnson also donated blood to his father, completing the intergenerational blood exchange.

It’s not often that a parent asks a teen for a big favor. Sure, washing dishes might be well within the capabilities of a 17-year-old — but what about spending hours at a health clinic donating blood for your dad?

Wealthy tech entrepreneur Brian Johnson, 45, recently recruited his 17-year-old son Talmag and 70-year-old father Richard to join him in a cross-generational blood product exchange, Bloomberg reports.

In April, the trio visit Resurgence Wellness, a futuristic-looking medical spa in Arlington, Texas. Underage Johnson had a whole liter of his blood (about 1/5th the blood in his entire body) separated into portions, and then re-injected the plasma into his father.

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Then Johnson middle liter donated blood derivatives to his 70-year-old father – no one else has donated blood to the 17-year-old. One can only speculate as to how Johnson pitched the idea to his relatives, but both his father and son seem up to the task in the posed photos.

The tech entrepreneur is known for his costly anti-aging routine

This isn’t the first time Brian Johnson has made headlines with wild anti-aging ideas, though as far as we know it’s the first time he’s brought his son, who isn’t old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes, into his theories. .

Johnson made his fortune as the founder of the online and mobile payment company Braintree, which first acquired Venmo, then sold it to PayPal.

Nowadays, he is known to spend at least $2 million a year chasing the Fountain of Youth.

According to an article by Bloomberg Businessweek, Johnson’s latest project, “Project Blueprint,” involves doing everything possible to reverse the aging process. This includes following strict dietary guidelines, a strict sleep and exercise schedule, frequent medical exams, and following the advice of a 29-year-old who finished medicine just before the pandemic.

And to top it all off, it seems his quest to stay forever young also includes an infusion of “young blood” — a yet scientifically unproven practice that the FDA doesn’t recommend.

Some studies in rodents have shown that older mice that share blood and organs with their younger counterparts may experience the opposite effect of aging, although these studies are also controversial. But there’s no evidence to suggest such an exchange would work in humans, and researchers have previously told Insider that the practice could have serious side effects, such as a strong immune response.

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Bloomberg reported that the businessman had already visited a Dallas-area wellness clinic several times to receive blood plasma from an anonymous young donor whose health details had been pre-screened before he decided to get blood from his son instead.

Typically, plasma donors receive $100 in gift cards for a procedure that costs about $5,500 to complete, Bloomberg reported.

But Johnson didn’t put a price on his son’s plasma, at least not as far as we know. In this case, all Talmage got was fatherly love — and the knowledge that he puts the rest of his Father’s Day gifts to shame.

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