Elon Musk’s crusade against telework is betrayed by his Elden Ring confessions

Elon Musk, the billionaire and “power magician” (albeit decent with a sword and katana), may have put his foot down again after his comments about working from home; Especially when considering his previous tweet about what he does in his “free time”.

Specifically, how can someone who says they work 20 hours a day, or 17 hours a day, also complete an intense video game — within months of release?

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Elon Musk has given a number of interviews lately, and it looks like he’s got an easy ride. People are beginning to recognize the fact that no one asked him about it Elden ring:

People want Elon Musk to be asked about Elden’s ring. Well, Indy100 is more than happy to help – “Timothy Faust.”

In an interview segment with CNBC titled Tesla CEO Elon Musk: “The laptop class lives in la-la land” on working from home, Musk declared that telecommuting is an “ethical issue”. He believes that because the working class commutes to work sites to build cars or cook food – other workers must commute as well.

Musk has said before that he works 20 hours a day. He says in the interview above that he sleeps six hours a day. He has routinely said he sticks to 80-100 hour work weeks. During his early days on Twitter, he said he was on 24/7. Musk works a lot. Based on the latest interview where he said he sleeps six hours a day, Musk has about 18 hours a day to either work or not work.

There are 168 hours in a week. Based on feedback from an 80- to 100-hour work week, Elon spends, at most, 60 percent (14 hours a day) of his time working, leaving nine hours for sleeping and recuperation. If he sleeps six hours, he has three or four hours for everything else – including Elden Ring.

He admitted that on May 23, the game was “the most beautiful art he had ever seen”.

Elon, I can’t disagree. As someone who spammed Rivers of Blood to kill four end-game bosses in an hour with a headache after weeks of failure, for me Elden Ring is also an art.

However, when he says that he has fully experienced the Elden Ring, and that his work week is very intense, there is a contradiction.

Playtime with Elden Ring is about 120 hours. I’d been playing it almost every day in marathons with a few week-long breaks when my quick gameplay death clouded my mind.

I finished the game in June. I started in February. It took me – apparently – until early March to beat the top three bosses on my Xbox achievement list – Leonine Misbegottin, Margit the Phil Omen and Shardbear Godric’s bearer. I’m somewhat awful at the game. You beat the game. I wish I had recorded Halak Radan before correcting.

I won’t go into describing Musk’s architecture, but he’s awful. Kotaku entered on it. My build was so cheesy I could hit enemies over the head and kill them in seconds. If it took me 120 hours to try nearly everything in the Elden Ring, there’s no way Elon could have completed it any faster with the determination to have him rolling all over the place.

My experience has me complete the Elden Ring in 100 days – give or take. That’s 1.2 hours a day. I don’t work as many hours a day as Elon says he does.

Assuming Elon completed the Elden Ring at the same time as I did, he spent about 25 percent of his non-working time playing the Elden Ring to completion. This is based on him spending about four hours by himself without working or sleeping.

The only number we have to use for Elon’s completion date is the day he posted “Elden Ring in its entirety the most beautiful artwork he’s ever seen” – May 24, 2022. That’s 87 days after Elden Ring’s launch in the US on February 25.

Assuming Elon completed the game on May 24th, and assuming he started on February 25th, that gives him 348 hours of non-work in the 87 days between release and completion. If he spent 120 hours on the Elden Ring (such as finishing time) alone, then between February and May he spent a third of his time off work playing the Elden Ring.

For someone as busy as Elon, I feel it’s also unreasonable to suggest a dueling employer (at the time) and parent who says they work too much and could spend a third of their non-working time playing a video game.

There are 8,760 hours in a year. Elon sleeps 2,190 hours (25 percent of his time), works 5,082 hours (58 percent of his time with two days off) and has an additional 1,489 hours (17 percent of his time). Appreciation and Rounding – Musk may not be all that serious when he says what he says, and it may be different every day. Alas.

This means that he spent 8 percent of his free time last year playing the Elden Ring. This in itself isn’t exactly strange, but by Elon’s own admission, he has less time than everyone else because he’s so busy. The man who had so little time spent a lot of it gaming. This is just dedication or exaggeration.

To take the words, well, literally, it seems clear that Musk is exaggerating or twisting the words to make a point even wilder than warranted. At the same time, it’s weird to say that in an interview where you hit WFH employees over the heads — you want to be taken seriously, right?

asked about the cuff. He answered from the top of his head. No problem, except that the context of Musk’s words in the interview is about refusing to work remotely and the “laptop class.” Where did Elon find the actual time playing the Elden Ring? He’d become an Elden Lord that sort of worked in his mind (probably, fair enough).

The only way to test this is to get a brave Twitter/Tesla/SpaceX employee to say that playing Elden Ring on company time is “work.” Then we’ll see what happens.

As for Elon and telecommuting, let those who have no sin throw stones, and maybe let your workers breathe a little. This is the real moral issue.

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