Since updating to watchOS 9.5, some Apple Watch owners have noticed an unusual green color on their watch screen when accessing certain elements of the user interface, based on complaints shared on Reddit and Mac rumors forums.

Green color image shown at left, from Redditor whosyourdaddy

Almost all affected models are Apple Watch Series 8 and earlier devices, and earlier models appear to have been worse. Affected users say green is visible on the passcode entry screen, when accessing Control Center, and when pulling down notifications. Based on the majority of reports, fewer Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra models are affected by the issue.

Some have suggested that Apple may have added the tint on purpose, but that seems unlikely since most users agree that it’s uncharacteristically ugly and looks out of place. One user described it as looking like a “washed out LCD” instead of the pure black OLED colors they’re used to seeing on their watch.

It’s not entirely clear what’s going on, but according to user reports, the strange color has appeared since the watchOS 9.5 update last week, indicating that it’s a software issue and not anything hardware related. Some people have been able to get rid of the tint after a reboot, but others have not had the same success.

Apple has fixed similar color tint issues on iPhones in the past that were caused by a software bug. If this is indeed a software issue, Apple should be able to address the issue in a future watchOS update. watchOS 9.6 is currently in testing, but it’s not yet clear if that removes the tint.

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