Writing review: Overview of fire types for raids in Pokemon Go

Good moves

in general, fire spin It’s the gold standard for quick Fire-Type moves. It’s the move of choice for many of the best Fire Type attackers, and it definitely deserves the title given its powerful stats. However, it is no Above Fire Type Fast Move, ie canine fire It tends to outpace Fire Spin most of the time. Despite having lower base power and less power generated per use, Fire Fang’s speed allows it to have higher DPS and power generation that is Just a little Below Fire Spin, so Pokemon with access to both will peel off to stick to the fire. Moving on, we get to the file out of nature attacks burnt. This quick move has the highest base power of any quick move in the game, so much so, in fact, that it is more powerful than a few charged moves. I got too very High power generation per use, ranked second in the game alongside Gust, Ice Fang, Present, and Splash, and surpassed by Just by Volt Switch. How is this possible Monster For a move that might fall under Fire Spin and Fire Fang? He can because he currently holds another record; The slowest fast movement in the game. A single Incinerate execution takes 2.3 seconds, which is more than doubled execution time Fire Spin, so it actually tends to lag a little bit in terms of actual performance. Oh, and Forget dribbling When you are limited to a quick move that lasts forever for full execution. Incinerate is best used by large attackers such as Ho-oh who can hit tanks and keep shooting, even then it is best rated as “usable” as it is much weaker than large, but still enough to make a Fire Type Attackers accepted. Honestly, it hardly gets a pass here, mainly because it’s one of the moves finally Make a proper “ho-oh”.

For charged motions, we have to start with V-Create, Victini’s signature move and the most powerful Fire Type charged move in the entire game so far. This attack blends strength and flexibility, making it a powerful attack the movement that any type of fire would want, but its very limited distribution means we probably won’t see it topping the list anytime soon, or rather Absolutely. Next is luminous fusion Which is the movement truly Put Reshiram back on the map. Again, this is a movement with very limited distribution, So it’s not likely to spread much further than what we have now, but it’s still objectively cool. after that burn blast, The signature move for all fire type beginners. It’s another really powerful move that’s powerful enough to make many beginners viable despite the low stats. After the blast burn is holy fire +, and he great Move over for anyone lucky enough to get Apex Shadow Ho-oh. Next is fire weather ball, And it’s a powerful, versatile move… that virtually no firefighter ever learns. Then we come to High temperature , It is the gold standard for this genre. It is the most powerful Fire Type Charged move with General Distribution, making it the move of choice for a large number of Pok√©mon. after that Fire kick And Mystical fire, which are great moves…but they have to compete directly with Blast Burn for the only two Pokemon they can currently learn, so they wouldn’t see much use in practice. We follow it up with last The move that made Ho-oh so good, the basic version of holy fire. Although weaker than the + variant, it’s still a solid move that does a good job and keeps Ho-oh relevant going forward. Next, we finish this side of the list with flamethrower It is a borderline movement of sorts. Flamethrower is the type of fire equivalent to moves like Thunderbolt and Ice Beam, and is Just Good enough to keep Pokemon like Heatran from falling into total obscurity. it’s not good Moving, but serviceable.

Bad moves

When it comes to bad fast moves, we finally come to Ember. And … it’s very banal. His overall attack profile is pretty unattractive, and he doesn’t have much of a saving grace. Honestly, an argument can be made that it is better than Incinerate due to the fact that it only contains slight DPS is lower, but at least it’s doable. But Ember didn’t help save Ho-oh from obscurity, did she now? And just when you thought we’d hit the bottom of the barrel, hidden power (fire) Here again. And as always, it is truly Disappointing. You roll the dice for the move, and if it happens on a Pokemon that might actually want it, it generally won’t be enough to push said Pokemon into viability.

The shipped transport list begins with fire blast. Despite being iconic to the main series, the move has gotten quite awful bad Cure in Pokemon Go, and it is one of the moves that Pokemon do genuinely You don’t want to see in their moveset. Here we have it fire punch, flame blast, heat wave, flame wheel, And flame charge, All of these moves are disappointing for any type of fire. “But wait!” I see some of my most interested readers are already getting ready to write. “You missed a few charged moves in the list!”. Well, these movements were not missed as much as a special place was reserved in this section Just for them! The first is technoplast (burn), and he great The move being dropped here is due to a lack of Pokemon that have a chance to take advantage of. The second is holy fire++, strictly because Shouldn’t ever, ever have this traffic! seriously; Don’t purify Apex Shadows! By no means can your “++” on the go be able to rival the sheer power of Shadow Boost combined with a single “+”!.

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