Zelda: Tears of Duality Kingdom glitches break the game (in your favor)

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It has multiple glitches that allow players Duplicate items, items, weapons, swords and shields — at least until Nintendo inevitably corrects the glitch. Exploiting this glitch can earn players infinite rupees, effectively ruining the game’s economy and taking away a lot of the fun of playing. Kingdom Tears As the creators intended.

But if you are in urgent need of materials or money Kingdom Tears, duplication glitches are easy and seem relatively safe. You just need a bow or arrows – or a glider – and some patience, and hopefully Nintendo won’t punish you for exploiting it at some point.

How to duplicate articles in Kingdom Tears

1. You will need to have a bow, combat weapon and armor equipped.

2. Press the ZR button to switch Link to his bow, but don’t aim or knock an arrow.

3. Press the D-pad up to embed the material you want to copy onto an arrow.

4. Press the plus button to pause, go to the Bows and Arrows tab, and drop the equipped bow.

5. While the pause menu is still open, prepare a different bow.

6. Press the plus button twice (very quickly) to close and reopen the pause menu.

7. You should see the molten substance on your bow and arrow.

8. Drop the currently equipped bow, and exit the pause menu.

9. Both brackets (each with molten material) shall be placed on the ground.

This defect can be useful in copies of rare or expensive materials, such as diamonds, which can sell for 500 rupees each.

The same duplication glitch is explained in the video below, which also details how weapons, shields, and bows are duplicated. (This is a somewhat more complicated process, as it requires saving and reloading the game each time you want to repeat something.)

How to duplicate weapons and armor in Kingdom’s Tears

1. Open the pause menu using the plus button.

2. Prepare the weapon, shield or bow you want to duplicate.

3. Open the system menu and create a manual save.

4. From the inventory screen, drop down the item you want to duplicate.

5. Select and equip another item of the same type (if you are duplicating a melee weapon, select another melee weapon).

6. Press the plus button twice (very quickly) to close and reopen the pause menu.

7. Drop the equipped weapon.

8. Go to the system menu and reload the manual save.

9. The double weapon must be on the ground.

As with the glitch repeating material with a bow and arrow, the hardest thing to pin is the timing of closing and reopening the pause menu. Players looking to replicate melee weapons, shields, and bows may want to practice their timing using the Material Replicator glitch before trying the method that exploits game saves.

How to do the new “Quick” glitch in Kingdom Tears

Over the weekend of May 20-21, no new recursion glitch was detected – useful if the above has been patched, or if you’re struggling to make it work. Even better, this glitch works on any inventory item (but not weapons or other equipment).

New fast cheat method – 20 diamonds in less than 30 seconds
By u/usbdongle6727 at Kingdom Tears

Thanks to USBdongle6727 on reddit for the method you can see in the video above. However, while this cheat glitch is faster and technically easier, it has its own limitations, which we’ll outline below.

For one, there is a limit to the number of items that can drop into one location. If there are more than 20(ish) of anything on the floor very close together, the items will start to shake off. This means that there is a limit to the amount of repetitions you can do at once and you have to be a little careful.

Also, you have to be careful about the items you drop, as if they might break when launched from a certain height, or if their legs can run so far, that they will no longer be able to collect them when they touch the ground. The obvious competitor to Duality, Diamond, has no problem, which is a relief.

  1. This bug exploits how the game handles your inventory, so you’ll have to do some preparation. First, you’ll need at least one (preferably multiple) item with fewer than four in your inventory. This is just an item to run the exploit – you’ll get it back, but it won’t repeat. The key is to be able to empty an inventory slot.
  2. Next, you will need the item that you want to duplicate in the last slot of your inventory. The quickest way to move an item to the last slot is to drop it everyone them, then pick them up – the last item you picked up (it wasn’t already in your inventory) will go to the last slot.
  3. Climb onto a nearby ledge (or roof or tree) and jump off. Deploy a glider.
  4. He hits + to unlock your inventory.
  5. Select an item (or items) to dump an inventory list Catch He. She. This item will not be repeated, but you will restore it.
  6. Select the item in the last inventory slot – the one you want to duplicate. You can keep as many of these as you want.
  7. He hits + out of your inventory and then Immediately – As fast as you can – hit + once again. On the last slot, you should still see the same number of items in your inventory as you started with.
  8. Repeat this process a few times as you float down, but no more than three or four times – see our note on getting rid of items above.
  9. When you land, you will pick up the duplicate items and repeat the above process.

You’ll have to get a little creative to keep the item you want to duplicate in the last slot of your inventory, but this is a quick way to duplicate any item in the game.

If any of the above are correct – or you prefer a more legitimate way to make money The Legend of ZeldaKingdom Tears – Read Polygon’s guide on which items and materials to sell for Rs.

Update (May 21): We’ve added a new way to copy as a section at the end of this page.

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