Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past – Factory Building, Soul Temple

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We’re building a bot, guys. If you’ve made it this far in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’re at the beginning of the end. You’ve been to Hyrule Castle and investigated the Ring Ruins. Now it’s time to create your own mechanic – sort of.

Should go without saying because this is nearing the end of the game, Spoilers will be inevitable. So, If you haven’t finished the Regional Phenomena quest or been to Hyrule Castle and Thunderhead Isles, now turn back.

Here is how to build the Construct and how to complete the extension from Ages Past quest.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past – Factory Building, Soul Temple

Building construction

After talking to Mineru, the Sage of Time, you need to build a body for her to live in. There are four different rooms – the “warehouses” – near the building plant, and each room houses a different part of the building – the right leg, right arm, left leg, and left arm.

You need to visit each of the warehouses, retrieve the building part piece and then bring it back to the construction factory.

First thing’s first, go back to the elevator you came in and activate it Muokuij Lightrot To illuminate the entire area, making the construction job a little easier.

Right leg warehouse

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It is located northeast of the construction plant, go up to the roof, slide north and head towards it Uisihcoj Lightrot. From the Lightroot, follow the path to some broken ruins and slide through the glowing door to get to the right-leg warehouse.

Interact with the Zonai station and a box will appear containing the right leg drop down. The doors will be locked behind you. Carry the box with the Ultrahand to the elevators on the left and ride them up.

In the next room, you will see some bars and a “hook”. Attach the box using the Ultrahand to the hook and stick the fan to it. sTick ​​the box on the long side to allow the hook to travel along the same rail. Any other way and you will have to pass the box through yourself. We speak from experience…

Run to the back of the room and use Ascend to get to the door. Grab the box and get on the elevator. Place the box right next to the wing track and take the next elevator. Open the chest with 3 zonites. Make a flying vehicle, stick the box on the back of it, and ride it back to the factory. Bring the box to the Construct, then insert the leg into the hole.

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Left leg warehouse

Go southeast from the Construct Factory and you’ll find the entrance to the Left-Leg Depot. Walk in, check out the station, get the box, and you’re off.

Take the box and ride the rocket lift. You will find a Zonai distributor on the right – use it if you need some Zonai. In contrast, you’ll discover a ramp (and it’s standing) and a crank. Place the box at the base of the ramp and attach a Rocket Zonai (or two) to it – you’ll find them in the corner of the room. We also put a joystick on our device.

Push the crank counterclockwise until the ramp lines up with the top flange. Stand on the crate and activate the rockets – you should be launched directly into the open ledge. Place the crate in the path leading out of the warehouse, then turn around to see an elevator and some lasers. Remove the chest from behind the laser using an Ultrahand for 3 zones of zonite.

Go back down and, if you like, attach a trolley to the box with the joystick. Alternatively, you can simply carry the box from the warehouse to the building.

Left arm warehouse

You will find the left lever southwest of the construction factory. This is another repository that you can simply enter. Climb the stairs, interact with the device, and you will get your chest and you will be locked.

To the left, hit the wheel to open the door – remember how to set this up as you’ll need to recreate it later. You will be inside a room filled with lava. Grab the joystick and place it on top of the box. Then turn and grab the two large wheels on the back of the door and stick them to the box. Activate your mini car and ride it over the lava.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidance From Ages Past - Factory Building, Spirit Temple 8
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In the next room you will see a much thinner track on which your wheels will not fit. You’ll need to take the car apart and rebuild it, either by putting the wheels on the short sides of the box or by reassembling the car, very wonky, through the track walls. Then you will be able to ride.

Climb the ladder and slide into a chest containing 5 joysticks. Go back to your car and break it down again. Remember the wheel door from before? You will need to build your own.

To do this, glue both wheels on the door so that the arrows are facing in opposite directions. Then attach the chain to the wheel. Hit the wheel, and the door will open. If you don’t want to do this, use a combination of Ultrahand and Recall to hold the door open (along with the box) and slide through.

Open another chest with 3 zons, then grab the propellers from the bottom of the propellers and the joystick to the far right to build a small raft with your chest. Place the box in the water and ride it to the end of the river to reach the factory. Take the box to the Construct and insert the arm.

Right arm warehouse

The last warehouse is located northwest of the factory. Walk in this direction until you come to some raised stone platforms, then go up to the warehouse entrance. Again, interact with the device to get your chest and lock it.

To your right, you’ll spot a conveyor belt made of small wheels. Place the box on it and it will rise automatically. Follow up on this. You’ll discover more wheels and the pole that conducts electricity. First, go down and grab the chest in the cave that contains a large area. Then grab two small wheels from the conveyor belt and tape them to the sides of the box. Place the box on the pole and ride it to the other side.

In the next room, you need to turn your trunk into a four-wheeled vehicle. Either put two more wheels on the box (with steering stick) or use one of the stone slabs to make a bigger car. Then take it out of the warehouse and towards the factory to put the last piece of the robot in.

How to get to the soul temple

Once you finish building your build, it will wake up and Mineru will thank you. You will locate your next destination on the map – Soul temple – to the southeast of your location. There’s a lot of gloom on the way, but you’ve got a new ally on hand.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidelines From Ages Past - Setting Up A Factory, Spirit Temple 15
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Link can ride the building by walking up to it and pressing “A”, and you have complete control over its movements. This will consume energy cells, but this means that you will be able to avoid depression. Ride the building south to the elevator you came on, and you’ll learn how to attack the objects on the Construct’s arms and back. This section is primarily a building tutorial, and it’s worth visiting all the armories while you’re on the go.

Attach whatever you want to the build – things like spike balls and flame emitters are great on the arms. These items will break after some time. Head east to the next armory, testing your new attacks along the way. In the next Armory, Mineru suggests that speed is a good idea – attaching a fan to the back of the Construct is a great way to make it run faster.

Just keep heading south towards the mark on your map, passing through and activating Cytogo Lightrot (coordinates 1215, -2540, -0612) Along the way. Blue Hynoxes will pass on the way – fight them if you want some cute monster parts! Blast through rocks along the way with your build – either spiked ball arms or cannon hand.

In the end, you will reach an armory with missiles right in front of the Temple of Soul (coordinates 1391, -3118, -0638). Mineru will tell you that Construct cannot climb walls. Stick a rocket on Construct’s back, walk to the broken path, and use the rocket to fly to the Soul Temple.

Climb up the altar, activate it to ride the elevator down, and you will see the secret stone you are looking for. Walk to the platform covered in darkness, and you will be ambushed.

How to beat the boss of the Soul Temple

There’s no dungeon or puzzle to the Soul Temple – you’ve already done the puzzle side by building Mineru’s Construct. But this “separation” culminated in a major battle – L.N Captured building, Spirit Temple rush.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Guidelines From Ages Past - Setting Up A Factory, Soul Temple 22
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Zonai was fond of boxing matches, because you (in Mineru’s Construct) and your boss are locked in a boxing ring with electrically charged ropes. You need to hit the boss into the wires to deal a good amount of damage to it. There are two ways you can do this – either block his attacks to get him off guard and then punch him until you push him back into the ropes, or just go all in and punch him until he falls back into the ropes.

The Seized Construct’s attacks are fairly easy to read – both hands will be raised if he’s defending, and left and right punches are indicated by the boss moving the appropriate arm. An enemy can integrate Zonai devices in their arms, and they will charge you with them, waving their arms in front of them. Stay out of the way – especially if it has bumpers in there, as it will startle you.

When the status drops to half health, the boss will release two additional arms and will embed a missile into his chest, which means he will fly all over the arena. Watch her movements, and when she stops, lure her to some ropes, move out of the way, and she’ll charge at you and land on the ground. Attack her at this point and push her into the ropes again. You can incorporate what falls onto your build as well.

Repeat this until you destroy the boss. You will get a Heart Container and Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit, allowing you to summon a Mech anywhere you want. You will also get your next task – Master sword trail. If you haven’t already, check out our guide on where to find the Master Sword.

With your last ally by your side, you barely Ready to face the demon king. For more hints and tips, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.

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