How to get Soldier Shield in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

the Soldier shield in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It is a great base set that can be accessed early in the game. It can also be upgraded, which makes it a good choice in the long run. However, it is not the easiest to find.

This set of armor – consisting of Soldier’s Armor, Soldier’s Helm and Soldier’s Greaves – can be found below Hyrule Castle. The caves below the castle are quite a maze, so follow these steps to get the soldier’s armor.

You’ll need to break a lot of debris during this adventure, so it’s worth bringing some arrows And bombing flowersif you want to make quick work of this task.

Armored Soldier chest piece location

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Head to the main castle gates located at the coordinates (-0254, 0621, 0043).

From here, climb up the wall and enter the main part of the castle. Follow the path around the left until you reach a doorway flanked by two dead trees.

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Enter this opening and use the Ultrahand to move the two metal gates. Go up the stairs on the left and turn right into this corridor with a faded red carpet. In the room in front of you there will be two Horripline.

After defeating Horriblin, go through the entrance on the right side and go up the stairs to get to Monitor room.

Use the Ultrahand on the trap door and climb down to find out Royal hidden passage. Here is a box containing a file Diamond.

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Go down the stairs, fight A.N Lisalphus blue On the road. You can slide down, but on the first level it is worth finding a room near the stairs with an extension black pokobelin. There are two chests in this room containing a Knight’s steadfast and a Soldier’s arcIn addition, if you break the boxes, there will be a lot of powerful ingredients.

After that you won’t miss much if you slip, but if you choose to walk, be sure to get in Keys and the Chuzhou red. At the bottom you will find a stone carved with some lore and a small tunnel that leads to a breakable wall. fuse Weapon with the rock here if you need to, and start hacking.

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On the other side, defeat the small stone balls, and then continue to hack Luminous stone here. You will fall into another room with an extension Like.

You can defeat or ignore this Like, just progress down this area. If you head north, you will find another small area with it Babolfrog And some raw materials, but you actually want to swipe like towards the south of this room to find another area of ​​destructible debris.

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Hack to find a flat platform and go down to find more ruins below. Destroying this will open a circular passage in the wall you just dropped off.

Through here are several bokoblins as well as some weapons to pick up. When you’re done with them, go to the back dungeon where there is a large boulder in the ground. upload this by Ultra Hand To reveal a doorway you can enter.

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Go to the end of this tunnel and use it ascend. Don’t go too high through the hole in the ceiling here or you’ll end up in the room again with Like Like. You want to be in the dungeon room again, in the locked dungeon with bokoblin. Defeat it and destroy the wooden crates here to get a bunch of arrows if you like.

However, the real prize is that Soldier shield The chest piece can be found in the chest here. This grants a defense four, making it stronger than most early shields in the game, and can also be upgraded in the Great Fairy’s Fountains.

The location of the soldier’s shield head piece

go back down the aisle, ascend Return to the prison room, and enter the room again through the gap between the ruins you created here. On the other side, there will be another destructible area after some explosive flowers – this one is blue, not brown. This material is more solid, so use pomegranate flowers to hack.

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Continue forward and do the same in the next area of ​​blue ruins. Enter the water here and swim to the protruding columns. Look to the left (from the direction you first entered this cave) to see a passage blocked by black rubble. The bomb arrows don’t seem to do much here, so swim up to them and smash them with a hammer-type weapon.

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In the next room, you will find a file like ice To the left. Stepping on the ice platforms it creates will freeze Link and cause hail damage, so try to defeat him quickly to prevent the entire room from being filled. Once you are defeated, head to the room she was in and look to the left to find the chest with Soldier’s helmet. Like the chest piece, this gives four points of defense.

The location of the legs of a soldier’s shield

Return to the pool and go through the small hole on the left. (Although you might want to go into the main area of ​​this room to collect more rock-fuse weapons, as you’ll need plenty of these and/or Bomb Flowers to continue.)

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Through the blue ruins directly ahead, you’ll see some ore deposits, but you’ll actually want to follow the path as it turns sharply to the left and climbs up in a spiral. Watch out for Keese, including the electric variant close to the first ore deposit on this road. At the top there will be more debris to destroy.

Through here will be a file Moblin And some bokoblin – the easiest way to beat them is to push them into the water below. You can also go down here to find a small area with glowing cave fish, indefatigable frogs (key to stamina recipes), and fairies. When you’re done, continue along the ledge above and break another blue wall of debris.

Defeat the two stone blocks here and turn your attention to the wreckage. You’ll want to focus on the back section where it meets the wall, as there are stalactites pointing downwards. Don’t forget the jump attacks (X followed by Y).

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There are some smaller prizes in this room – break through the debris in the back right to find a chest with it Claymore Pvt – But again the main thing you have to do is defeat Like Like.

Open the box to the left of it to receive a file Private Gravesthe last part of a soldier’s armor. Again, this piece provides four points of protection until it can be upgraded.

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