Here’s a damage breakdown for all of Destiny 2’s Superheroes ahead of the Season 21 title update

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep (Season 21) is just around the corner, which means players will be experiencing some exciting new updates in less than three days from today.

Bungie has already revealed just about every major update you can expect in the upcoming season, including exotic weapons, armor reworks and changes, some UI updates, exotic raid drop modifiers, and super updates.

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Speaking of supers, we know that Season 21 will see damage resistance in PvE for all servers increase by about 20%. However, there are also some interesting improvements coming next week that will definitely make some DPS supers a viable option again.

Recently, Destiny 2 content creator Aztecross ran a comprehensive damage test of all the super devices in the game. Thanks to that, we now have a full list of how much damage each Super does in Destiny 2 before the big update drops with the launch of Season of the Deep.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of damage numbers for all the superheroes in the game’s Pre-Season 21 Update, which you can find below.

Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 Pre-Season 21 hyper damage breakdown

Before we get into the actual numbers, keep in mind that this breakdown does not include supernatural support such as Warlock’s Well of Radiance, Hunter’s Tether, Titan’s Ward of Dawn bubble, as well as the supernatural Stasis Hunter. Also, the thing to note here is that this test is taken on the first boss of Understand the dungeon of the greedy, angry ghoul. Now, let’s get started.

NB: The following list shows numbers based on your super damage output, from highest damage to lowest.

  • Stasis Titan – Ice Quake + Synthosphere + Whisper of Crevices: 956073
  • Solar Titan – Burning Beating + Synthospheres + Flames: 860652
  • Stasis Titan – Glacial Quake + Synthoceps + Edge of Action + Whisper of Fissures: A Whisper of Notches: 690661
  • Strand Titan – Bladefury + Synthoceps: 655174
  • Stasis Titan – Ice Quake + Dawn Wing SPF + Whispering Cracks: 612774
  • Arc Hunter – Arc Staff + Raiden Flux + Deadly Stream: 611552
  • Arc Hunter – Arc Staff + Raiden Flux + Pheonix Cradle Buff + Lethal Current + Sol Invictus: 553,345
  • Solar Hunter – Blade Thrower + Star Eating Scales + Radiance + Knock ‘Em Down: 549907
  • Solar Hunter – Blade Barrage + Star-Eater Scales + Knock ‘Em Down: 534,590
  • Arc Hunter – Storm Gathering + Star Eating Scales: 553328
  • Arc Hunter – Arc Staff + Star-Eater Scales + Deadly Current: 508466
  • Solar Titan – Sol’s Hammer + Synthosphere + Flames: 503,582
  • Solar Diviner – Dawn – Dawn Chorus + Amber from the Ashes: 492,882
  • Strand Warlock – Needlestorm + Swarmers + Weaver’s Call + Mindspun Invitation: 491104
  • Clairvoyant Stasis – Shadebinder + Ballidorse Wrathweavers + Whisper of Fissures: 477,587
  • Solar Hunter – Marksman golden gun + Star-Eater + Radiant Scales + Kinetic Surge mods 3x: 469060
  • Arc Titan – Thundercrash + Cuirass of the Falling Star: 435991
  • Arc Hunter – Arc Staff + Blight Ranger + Pheonix Cradle Buff + Sol Invictus: 427,929
  • Void Titan – Shield of Protection + Synthoceps: 424103
  • Warlock’s Bow – Stormcaller + Stormdancer Brace: 413830
Here's a damage breakdown for all of Destiny 2's Superheroes ahead of the Season 21 title update
Image: Bungie
  • Arc Warlock – Chaos Reach + Geomag Stabilizers: 399,600
  • Arc Warlock – Stormcaller + Storm Crown: 385,126
  • Solar Hunter – Golden Archery Rifle + Celestial Falcon + Radiator + 3x Kinetic Mod: 379808
  • Arc Titan – Striker + Synthoceps: 363308
  • Void fortune teller – Nova Warp: 340,736
  • Solar Hunter – Golden Archery Rifle + Celestial Falcon + Radiant: 311318
  • Arc Warlock – Stormcaller: 309,856
  • Arc Hunter – Arc Staff + Blight Ranger: 295,222
  • Void Wizard – Nova Bomb: Cataclysm: 249,653
  • Solar Hunter – Golden Archery Rifle + Heavenly Night Falcon: 249055
  • Titan Arc – Fist of Havoc: 234372
  • Void Wizard – Nova Bomb: Vortex: 231,299
  • Arc Warlock – Chaos Arrival: 207792
  • Void Hunter – Spectral Blades + Star-Eater Scales: 197,936
  • Solar Hunter – Marksman Golden Pistol: 180930
  • Void Hunter – Spectral Blades + Gwisin Jacket: 116,432
  • Solar Hunter – Deadly Golden Rifle: 114,948

There are still some missing servers, especially the Hunter’s Strand and Stasis supers, but these two supers won’t get any updates next season. And as with every damage test, keep in mind that there is room for error. That’s it for Destiny’s best high damage yet.

These numbers will obviously change next week after the launch of the Season 21 update. You can check out the full list of super hardware and ability tuning on the official blog post by Bungie. Also, if you want to see all of this testing in action, you can watch the full 43-minute video from Aztecross below.

Additionally, it has also been confirmed that there will be underwater sequences in Season of the Deep, something Bungie hasn’t done before. All in all, Destiny 2 Season 2 seems to bring significant changes to the technical side of things.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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