Potential Intel Meteor Lake laptop processors have been spotted in 16 and 14 core variants

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs for laptops are expected to be released in the second half of this year and will target high-performance, low-power devices. It appears that laptop manufacturers already have access to these chips and are currently testing their upcoming designs.

Intel’s Next Gen Meteor Lake Laptop CPUs Are Currently Being Tested, 16 And 14 Core Flavors Spotted

to update: according to @employee, it appears that the number of cores/threads is already misreported by SiSoftware’s benchmark database. The leaker seems to believe that the 16-core variant is based on a 6 P-Core + 8 E-Core + 2 E-Core layout while the 14-core variant is based on a 4 P-Core + 8 E-Core + 2 E-Core layout. The 2 additional cores are part of the SOC tile.

  • Intel MTL-P 16-Core SKU: 8 Electron Cores (Redwood Cove) + 2 Electron Cores (Crestmont) + 2 Electron Cores (SOC)
  • Intel MTL-P 14-Core SKU: 6 Electron Cores (Redwood Cove) + 2 Electron Cores (Crestmont) + 2 Electron Cores (SOC)

Two unannounced and unknown Intel CPUs have been leaked inside the SiSoftware Sandra database that reference Meteor Lake builds. These chips have been leaked within OEM builds from HP and Dell. Based on the specs, it seems very likely that these are early Meteor Lake ES chips.

First, we have a 16-core, 32-thread part that features a base clock of 3.07GHz, boost up to 4.2GHz, 18MB of L2 cache, and 24MB of L3 cache. It’s possible that those values ​​are incorrect but the easiest way to tell this is a Meteor Lake chip is the fact that it has 128 EUs which is only possible on Meteor Lake chips since Raptor Lake and Alder Lake Xe GPUs max out at 96 EUs and don’t run as well at speeds More than 2 GHz (2100 MHz in this case).

Also definitely not a single 16-core chip has been on the standard P-series lineup so if this is part of Meteor Lake-HX it could offer 8 P-Cores and 12 E-Cores although that seems very unlikely and we We advise waiting for more information before making final conclusions. With that said, Intel is already working on a next-generation enthusiast-grade Arrow Lake-HX lineup.

What’s even more interesting is that the chip is included under the “Desktop” platform by SiSoftware. This may be because the RVP (Reference Validation Platform) is closer to the desktop than the laptop. We can’t say for sure but the desktop part seems unlikely due to the 128 EU GPU or will Intel put this level of iGPU into mainstream desktop processors?

The second part is undoubtedly the laptop’s defining volume since it was featured in the Dell Inspiron 13 5330 Next-Gen design. The Intel CPU in this laptop offers 14 cores, 28 threads, speeds up to 3.26GHz ES, 14MB of L2 cache and 16MB of L3 cache. Again, these values ​​may be incorrect, so don’t think too much about them.

Intel Meteor Lake CPUs will feature a new, updated branding scheme when they launch in the second half of this year. Intel is expected to drop the “Core” brand in favor of the new “Ultra” brand. The company has also confirmed that the Meteor Lake CPUs will be in the 14th generation family although it has never confirmed if it is for the desktop or laptop parts. The company plans to reveal more details at its upcoming Vision event which is scheduled to take place later this month.

Intel Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU family Arrow Lake Meteor Lake Raptor Lake Alder Lake
Process node (CPU) Intel 20A ‘5nm EUV’ Intel 4 ‘7nm EUV’ Intel 7 ’10nm ESF’ Processor Intel 7 ’10nm ESF’ Processor
Process node (GPU Tile) TSMC 3 nm TSMC 5 nm Intel 7 ’10nm ESF’ Processor Intel 7 ’10nm ESF’ Processor
CPU architecture Hybrid (Quad Core) Hybrid (Triple Core) Hybrid (dual core) Hybrid (dual core)
P-Core architecture Lyon Cove Redwood Cove Raptor Cove Golden Cove
E-Core Engineering skymont crestmont gracemont gracemont
top configuration to be announced later on 6 + 8 (H series) 6 + 8 (H series)
8 + 16 (HX-Series)
6 + 8 (H series)
8 + 8 (HX-Series)
Max cores/threads to be announced later on 14/20 14/20 14/20
Planned lineup H/P/U series H/P/U series H/P/U series H/P/U series
GPU architecture Xe2 Battlemage “Xe-LPG”
Xe3 Celestial “Xe-LPG”
Xe-LPG “Xe-MTL” Iris Xe (Gen 12) Iris Xe (Gen 12)
GPU execution units 192 EU (1024 cores)? 128 EUs (1024 cores) 96 EU (768 cores) 96 EU (768 cores)
Memory support to be announced later on DDR5-5600
LPDDR5X – 7400+
LPDDR5 – 6400
memory capacity (max) to be announced later on 96 GB 64 GB 64 GB
4 Thunderbolt ports to be announced later on 4 4 4
WiFi capability to be announced later on Wi-Fi 6e Wi-Fi 6e Wi-Fi 6e
TDP to be announced later on 15-45 watts 15-55 watts 15-55 watts
launch 2H 2024? 2H 2023 1H 2023 1H 2022

source: momomo

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