Strand is about to feel even worse in Destiny 2 season 2 of the Depths

I’ve been really loving Strand this season in Destiny 2, and it’s one of the highlights not only of Lightfall, but I’d argue for the entire game’s sandbox of the past few years.

but there is a problem.

The problem is that Strand debuted with a slate of very powerful Strand mods this season in Destiny, ones that turn the subclass into something it really won’t be next, even with a few other Strand mods to come.

Here is the current list of Strand modifications this season:

  • Untangle – Strand weapon interlocking destruction that stops targets damaged by the blast
  • Thread explosion – Destroying a crossbow with a Strand weapon causes a bigger, more damaging blast
  • Allied Unraveller – Strand’s quick finishing hits give your weapon breakup rounds, with longer duration near allies
  • weave – When you or a member of your fireteam stuns or defeats a hero, you gain energy for the least charged Strand ability

There are two main problems here, based on what we lose. The main change is the loss of the first two mods, which essentially turn Strand Tangles into Hanging Warmind Cells. We’re used to the way blowing up a strand tangle works, but have you ever blown up a tangle? without Those adjustments to? It feels terrible. It’s also why the new side of Warlock feels so bad. You have to 1) throw a crossbow, 2) stick it to the enemy, and then 3) only then will it explode and pin the enemies. It is part of the current force on one class only.

The other issue is the Allied Unraveler where we mainly get used to our Strand weapons always Having breakup rounds because I mean, how hard is it to get quick kills in any activity? This gets carried away and replaced with an even worse pattern. And what are those adjustments next season?

  • Improved disassembly – Increases the amount of damage dealt by disintegrating the target – It might be good, but we don’t know the actual effect increase percentage.
  • Soldier Strand – Your Strand weapons gain disintegration rounds the more you get textured mail while the Strand subclass is equipped. – This requires something like the Hunter Woven Mail helmet or the Fragment slot which also reduces your resilience by -10 to get Woven Mail when you catch the orb. Again, it’s just a worse version of Unraveling mode from last season.
  • Conductive cosmetic needle – Targets affected by Stranding take increased damage from Arc and Void abilities – This is a fireteam-based ability that requires coordination.
  • Team goals – Perform a finisher when you have texture mail that grants texture mail to nearby allies – again, something that only benefits you and your team.

And that’s it. You can see the problem. Tour breakups get steadily worse and there nothing It’s about Tangles here at all, so these are just going to be little blasts of puffball that barely do anything compared to last season. While some aficionados of the Strand come sub-par, there’s nothing better that makes the missing elements of this season’s designs. What about when there is no The Strand season mod, maybe in season 22? Then I think we have a real problem.

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