We love The Legend of Zelda: Silly Kingdom’s Tag Man’s Tears

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Advertisements populate the world of modern video games — in part, for a measure of extra validation, and oftentimes, as a sneaky little bonus to the publisher’s income stream. But who puts these signs? Who measures scaffolding, paints stadiums, artfully assembles advertisements?

In an exceptionally fun new Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s TearsAll these responsibilities fall on the shoulders of one man. His name is Addison The Ad Man, he’s an asshole, and we love him so much.

It is likely that players will not meet Addison for a very long time in their time Kingdom Tears, as posted – pun intended – near Lookout Landing, the first town you’ll see once you’re back in Hyrule a few hours into the game. It’s the man holding the banner. That’s pretty much all it does.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom's Tears

In a game where characterization is so thin, Addison barely scratches the pencil: he has one major character trait, which he pursues with all his heart. That is, he loves Mr. Hudson, the construction tycoon pictured on his various signs, and will do anything (except for any kind of moving or basic carpentry whatsoever) to ensure that advertisements proclaiming Hudson’s greatness pop up all over the kingdom. The only problem is that while Addison’s tags are a little different, they all have one major common feature: They don’t have a second leg to hold on to.

In other words, Addison is a physics puzzle waiting for the player to find, inadvertently inviting you to figure out how to maneuver plates and plates under the far end of the cue so that poor bastard can rest his arms for a second. Without his beloved Mr. Hudson hitting the ground. Like we said, the markers (and adjacent materials) are different enough to keep this little task interesting: one of the markers might have a clear board notch to sneak onto; Someone else may have some type of hook arrangement that you can take advantage of; Third (because Addison Do He walks around, apparently using all the kinetic energy he saves by doing isometrics at any time He was About to book it via Hyrule) in an area that normally experiences torrential rains, which makes the whole ordeal even more slippery.

It’s all well and good: playing with Link’s new Ultrahand ability is one of your primary joys tearsWe are happy to have basically any excuse to do so. But Addison makes his way into our hearts especially because he So Incredibly unlucky, but also dedicated to his very stupid job. Someone gave him 3/4s of a tag, he apparently never heard of “adding a second leg” to anything, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to deviate from those basic principles. Oh, my God helps If his beloved Mr. Hudson gets too close to the ground, or, dear Christ, breaks down completely: the poor man goes into strokes at once, forcing you to start over. It’s one of those smart ways Kingdom Tears He builds his edutainment into his own delightful, colorful world, takes a basic physics test and turns it into an ongoing existential crisis for this poor guy. He’s charming as hell And It makes you feel like a genius when you’re working on a task; Very good packaging of great things Kingdom Tears Something small.

Plus: gives you cash, rice balls, And a free hotel room every time you help him. Thanks Addison! you are the best. Please take a class on what gravity is.

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