Shop the best sunglasses for summer: polarized, prescriptions, and more

He watches: Sunglasses for summer, from polarized to prescriptions and more

Sunglasses are one of our favorite accessories.

Not only are they a necessity for a sunny day, but like shoes or handbags, sunglasses add style and personality to an outfit, giving your outfit a new look with every wear.

There are many different styles to choose from, whether you gravitate toward a specific lens, frame, shape, or color.

Lori Bergamotto, lifestyle contributor to “Good Morning America,” rounded up the best sunglasses in the game, including both polarized and non-polarized options. She said it was important to have both.

Polarized lenses feature a thin chemical film that reduces the reflection your eyes see from harsh light reflecting off water or highways on really sunny days. If you’re boating, fishing, golfing, surfing, or taking a long road trip, polarized glasses are It will give you crisper optics with less strain on your eyes.”

She continued, “However, polarized lenses don’t mean they’re better — just better in certain situations.” “Non-polarized lenses—which protect you from UV rays but don’t reduce the amount of glare you see—are key to seeing things like your smartphone or tablet screens, watching you at the beach or in sunny areas, or if you’re driving and need to be able to To distinguish between ice or water on the road.

She added, “They both serve different purposes, so it’s best to have a pair of each on hand!”

Continue below to shop Bergamotto’s picks.

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Best sunglasses for kids

BABIATORS Original Navigator: Smoke Lens, Mad Melon

price: $28 · From Maisonette

BABIATORS Keyhole Polarizer: Seafoam Mirrored Lens, Seafoam Green

price: $38 · From Maisonette

The original BABIATORS HEARTS, can’t wait from the heart

price: $30 · From Maisonette

BABIATORS beloved sunglasses

price: $38 · From Maisonette

BABIATORS Original Navigator: Smoke Lens, as good as Blueweetheart sunglasses

price: $28 · From Maisonette

Developed with parents, these UV400 lenses offer unparalleled UVA/UVB protection. With impact and shatterproof lenses and flexible frames, these sun lenses are tough and safe too – they’re BPA-free for little faces !” Bergamotto said.

The best sunglasses

Zenny sunglasses

price: From $6.95 to $49.95 · from Zeni

With over 3,000 styles of glasses, it’s no surprise that Zenni earned our award for Best Prescription Sunglasses. They’re incredibly affordable and great quality for the price! Consumers love that it’s one-stop shopping for men, women, and kids and you can transform any of your glasses Almost prescription sunglasses.

The best sunglasses for the pool

Rheos Wyecreeks Polarized Round Sunglasses | 100% UV protection | floating shadows | Perfect for fishing and boating

price: $65 · From Amazon

“Retro silhouette meets innovative design with these lightweight, sparkly sunnies that float when hit in the water. Perfect for anyone who loves water sports or happens to take a dip or two in the pool this season – these are for you! They have a polarized lens and are unsinkable in water.”

The best polarized sunglasses

KALIYADI Polarized Sunglasses Men Women Semi Rimless Driving UV Protection Eyewear

price: $16.99 · 15% savings
From Amazon

Original: $19.99

“Nearly 30,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon don’t lie! The fact that these are top sellers on a site that sells an endless variety of sunnies is impressive!” Bergamotto said. And at an equally impressive price—less than the cost of two large drinks of coffee—they offer optical clarity, which reviewers were really surprised about, since many value-for-money sunglasses have a somewhat smoky lens. These were crisp and clear, thanks to the touch. The finish is matte, and isn’t quite a fingerprint magnet like many mirrored lenses. Since they’re so affordable, the step is to buy a few: a pair for the car, the beach bag, and the house, so you’re never without a protective pair!”

The best non-polarized sunglasses

Kwai Hi Ki

price: $65 · from the sidewalk

Brought onto the scene from Australia in 2004, the Quay is now a favorite modern pilot of celebrities and consumers alike – and they’ve got 20,000 5-star reviews to prove it! made of silicone and incredibly durable at an affordable price,” Bergamotto explained.

Best shield sunglasses

Free people now you see me shield sunglasses

price: $30 · of free people

“From the Paris runway models to the Kardashians, these shields, also known as brow shades, are a major style statement,” said Bergamotto.

Best cat eye sunglasses

H&M Cat Eye sunglasses

price: $12.99 · from H&M

Cat-eye sunglasses are trending right now. It’s not shocking, Bergamotto said, because “it always seems like it is!”

“H&M’s affordable pairs are so great because not only are they so affordable, but they flatter almost all face shapes!” she added.

Best value sunglasses

good sunglasses

price: $12.99 · from REI

“People are obsessed” with these sunglasses, according to Bergamotto, who has called these shades “a true unicorn of sunglasses.”

With distinctive non-slip frames and clear polarized lenses, these sunglasses make wearing sunglasses while playing sports or while driving long distances a pleasure.

More GMA picks:

QUAY Heartbreaker sunglasses

price: $75 · from QUAY

SOGOS Small Square Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women Mirror Lens Polygon SJ1072

price: $15.99 · 46% savings
From Amazon

Original: $29.99

Rayne Pria sunglasses

price: $184.95 · from ryan

Le Specs Armada

price: $65 · From Le Specs

8 more reasons for the sunglass series

price: $34 · who spin

The Etica Desert Dweller eyeglasses series

price: $35 · who spin

The Madwell Sunglass case

price: $9.99 · 31% savings
from Madwell

Original: $14.50

REAL SIC Solid Color Eco Leather Foldable Magnetic Hard Case for Sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Reading Glasses

price: $10.95 · From Amazon

Molshine hard shell sunglasses case

price: $11.99 · From Amazon

Camp Eyewear Accessory Bag – Sleeping Bag

price: $14 · from REI

Stackers eyeglasses storage box with lid in classic grey

price: $39.99 · from the container store

ESINGMILL Hanging sunglasses organizer

price: $9.99 to $11.99 · From Amazon

Ompellus Magnetic Leather Sunglass Holder, Eyeglass Hanger Clip for Car Sun Visor

price: $6.50 · 45% savings
From Amazon

Original: $11.99

Croakies Terra Spec cord glasses holder

price: $9 · from REI

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