Here are Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Void and Arc Builds to get ready

Destiny 2 is throwing out at least two giant blogs per week in the run-up to Depths Season next Tuesday, which has been taken by the community to call Wednesday TWABs and Thursday TWABs. Yesterday’s major release of info was about an upcoming seasonal deep artifact, the NPA Repulsor Regulator which was apparently introduced to us by Drifter, who could be a major NPC this season.

The main takeaway from the list of mods is that, despite the expectations, Stasis is no Featured item after both Strand and Solar were in Defiance. Instead, it’s the season of leisure and Arc builds. As such, I figured I’d list the new mods, as well as all the space, arc, and sub-class changes coming this season so you can have all of this info in one place to start outfitting your builds. until I I can’t keep track of all this information between three different mega blogs, so I thought this would be helpful.

Void seasonal adjustments

Permitted modifications: Void: The armor energy costs of all armor mods affecting your Void weapons are greatly reduced.

Even rags: Defeating Void Debuffed targets creates a Void Breach while your Void subclass is equipped.

Protective breach: Capturing a Void Breach grants you an Excess Barrier or revives your existing Excess Barrier.

Supernova: Catching a Void Breach deals high damage to the next source of Void Damage.

Team goals: Performing a finisher while you’re Devouring grants Devour to nearby allies when your Void subclass is equipped.

Void strange weapon changes

Graviton Lance: Changed to perform more like a Revision Zero dual blast, less damage on the first shot, more damage on the second shot, and more consistent overall. RPM up from 257 to 300, burst delay reduced by 20%.

Manticore: Damage resistance after you kill airborne and not level 4 higher than level 3. Increased movement speed during hang time. Activating the trigger feature now partially refills the magazine.

Shadow of hearts: Damage now increases faster when invisible, 0.25sec less than 1sec. Now weakens on any damage while damage buff is active.

lion fight: got its insane damage against red bars, so don’t necessarily include it in your void build.

Void strange armor changes

Hunter – Oath Keeper (including due to the same Le Monarch and Leviathan): When fully drawn, bows have a bonus to damage to fighters that increases the longer you keep a draw but deactivates after a few seconds.

Titan – no backup plans: It now provides a moderate benefit to airborne effectiveness and rifle reload speed. While you have an empty overshield, shotguns do extra damage and shotgun finishing hits reload your overshield. While using the Void subclass, quick finishing hits with a shotgun or defeating a powerful enemy with a shotgun give you extra armor and start regenerating your health.

Titan – Second Chance: Throwing a melee shield now weakens enemies. Stunning a barrier hero with melee armor gives you one full melee charge.

Warlock – Color Fire: Increased radius and blast damage from micro-kinetic takedowns. Explosion also applies a status effect to targets damaged by it, depending on which subclass you’ve equipped: Blind (Bow), Burning (Solar), Slow (Stagnation), Cut (Strand), Weak (Void).

Void ability changes

Hunter – Spectral Blades: PvE damage increased by 35%. Now weakens on heavy attack.

Hunter – Trap Bomb: PvE blemishes increased from 4 to 8 seconds

Titan – Guardian Shield: PvE damage increased by 20%.

Titan – Throwing Shield: Base effect increased from 60 to 70. Better target tracking.

Titan – Shield Bash: Now costs 15% of melee energy if you don’t hit a target.

Magician – Nova Warp: PvE damage increased by 15%. The fully charged attack makes enemies volatile.

Magician – Nova Bomb: PvE damage increased by 20%.

Sorcerer – Scattered Bomb Acceleration of Chaos – Better bug tracking and fixing so it doesn’t explode early.

Magician – a magnetic bomb to speed up chaos Charging time increased from 3.2 to 4.5 seconds.

Seasonal arc adjustment

Permitted Modifications: Arc: The armor energy costs of all armor mods affecting your Arc weapons are greatly reduced.

electric shield: Stay amplified for longer while equipping your Arc subclass.

Resounding retort: Grants additional Arc Super damage if cast while critically injured or while amplified. It lasts until the end of Super activation.

Amber: Gain resistance to damage while amplifying it.

Shock and awe: The bow’s final strokes as you amplify summon a burst of lightning that damages and stuns targets.

Lightning strikes twice: After throwing a bow grenade, gain a grenade recharge buff for a short time. Final arc strokes extend the duration of this feature.

Exotic weapon changes for the bow

Wordline zero – Fast heavy attack can be restricted once, first attack increases damage by 25%. Reduced guarding cost after sprinting in heavy attack from 100% to 50%.

Acrios legend – Up to 16 ammunition reserve of 12, maximum distance from 9 meters to 12 meters.

Thunder – Nerfed so lightning didn’t strike twice against Divinity Bubbles.

Exotic bow armor changes

Hunter – Raiju Harness: When you deactivate your Arc Staff Super, you create a blinding blast that temporarily increases your Arc weapon’s damage. However, blocking with the Whirlwind Guard will no longer consume energy more slowly.

The Hunter – Mask by Chris: Changed to use level 4 non-compact weapon damage bonus (which behaves the same as non-compact damage bonuses provided by Surge mods). PvE damage bonus increased from 10% to 25%, and now gives a 6% bonus to weapon damage in PvP. It no longer stacks with Surge leg armor mods, but provides a greater bonus than would be achieved with 3 such mods.

Titan – hotspot cannon propLightning strikes now shake targets. Increased PvE damage per bolt from 50 to 200. Amplified now increases damage of lightning strikes by 50% instead of expanding their range.

Titan – eternal warrior: Quick takedowns with the Arc weapon grant an upward bonus to Arc weapon damage, using the same non-stacking damage bonuses as the Surge mods. This can go up to a level 4 damage bonus, and grants a damage bonus of 25% in PvE and 6% in PvP, providing a greater bonus than can be achieved with three Surge mods equipped. While at level 4 damage bonus, Arc Kill updates bonus duration. After Super Fist of Havoc ends, you get a level 4 damage bonus.

Magician – Vesper of Radius: Your cracks emit an arc shockwave every 5 seconds that deals damage (200 in PvE, 70 in PvP). Enemies defeated are blasted by these shockwaves to deal an additional 100 damage, and if you have a crossbow subclass, nearby enemies are also blinded.

Bow ability changes

Hunter – bow staff: PvE damage increased by 20%

Hunter – Gathering Storm: Damage players directly and through lightning. Increased damage to the Well of Illumination and the Dawn Guard.

Titan – Fist of RuinLight attack cost reduced from 8.5% to 6%. Heavy attack cost reduced from 18% to 12%. Heavy attack PvE damage increased by 33%. Heavy Attack now blinds targets near the center of the slam area.

Titan – seismic strike: Now costs 15% of melee energy if you don’t hit an enemy.

Titan – slam dunk: Burst range reduced from 6.5m to 5.5m. Uncharged melee PV damage bonus increased from 60% to 100%.

Warlock – Stormtrance: PvE damage increased by 25%. Damage ramp while attacking now happens more quickly (3sec over, 5 down). Exploding landfall seekers and shaking targets now.

Magician – mayhem arrives: PvE damage increased by 25%. Continuous damage on a single target now creates a lightning strike at the target’s location. Damage resistance against players increased from 40% to 50%. Increased maximum bombardment speed from 3.5m/s to 4.5m/s. Modified super camera to avoid the player’s body blocking the sight of targets when bombing.

Magician – Ball Lightning: PvE damage increased by 30%. The standard ping count on both the primary and secondary blasts has been reduced so that combatants are less likely to exit the secondary strike zone while the player is amplified.

Magician – lightning augmentation – Fixed so players are not one-shot anymore. But it will be more consistent with higher damage than the previous value minus the error.

shake: Basic PvE damage reduced by 15%. Reduced bonus standard damage against main PvE fighters by about 20%.

Speed ​​booster: Bonus jump accelerometer reduced from 1.5x to 1.25x. Now activates while sprinting after 2.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds. Now lingers while player is not running for 2 seconds, up from 1.5 seconds. Fixed a bug where if the player was already running and then inflated, the speed boost would not be granted.

Well, start building.

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