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In a surprisingly innovative move, Uber is opening a toll-free phone line (1-833-USE-UBER, so 1-833-873-8237) to schedule an immediate or future ride in English or Spanish β€” just like a typical taxi. It’s part of several new features, including group grocery shopping for people who live at the same address and upgraded Uber Eats gifts, with the ability to attach a video message to your present.

In addition, Uber announced accounts for teens with safety features. Uber says only vetted, experienced, and highly-rated drivers will take trips with teenage Uber users. Drivers will be able to opt out of such trips. Teen accounts have a series of built-in security features, including audio recordings, RideCheck (which checks in with passengers if the car has been parked for a while) and the option to use a PIN code to ensure young users get into the right vehicle.

– Matt Smith

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Even if it doesn’t look much like him.

Died in broad daylight

Nicolas Cage will appear soon in Died in broad daylight. The actor will bring his cheerful eccentricity and Billy Mays-style beard to the multiplayer survival game. β€œIt can shape the fabric of reality, transforming everything you might think you know,” Cage says in an appropriately campy teaser. Cage will play the survivor, depending Eurogamer.

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It partners with iFixit to provide support for two popular mouse models.



Logitech and iFixit today announced a new partnership to allow customers to repair their devices. iFixit will provide out-of-warranty parts and support for “select products” while developing guides for DIY repairs on Logitech equipment. The program will launch this summer in the US with support for two popular accessories: the Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere mouse. iFixit says you can order parts on demand or in kits with everything you need for a specific repair, including parts and tools.

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News subscribers can access the app on their iOS device.

New York times She launched an app dedicated to her audio projects: NYT Audio. Only available on iOS at the moment, it includes feature-length audio as well as podcasts from Athletic Productions and Serial Productions, all under one roof. The New York Times He first previewed the app in 2021. He described the program as a way to give journalists more freedom to experiment outside the boundaries imposed by platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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A little bit better in every way.



Beats has officially launched its latest true wireless earbuds. This early look was mostly accurate: the Studio Buds+ have a familiar design with plenty of improvements inside. These upgrades include better battery life, retooled call performance, and updated noise cancellation. There’s also a new transparent design option β€” a blatant effort to get Engadget’s newsletter editor to buy another pair of wireless speakers. With prices rising, these have crept out of the mid-range and approached premium status. It’s less noticeable than the original model, but that’s far from a deal-breaker. Check out the full review.

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