Kask’s new Elemento road helmet is the most expensive we’ve seen

Today, Kask unveiled a new brand Road bike helmet which she says will revolutionize cycling as we know it. It’s called the Elemento, and it uses carbon fiber panels to replace EPS foam, and the same 3D printing technology found on top of Fizik’s saddles and customized for its pads. It’s a new addition to the Kask lineup, and it boasts a five-star Virginia Tech rating.

With the introduction of multiple new styles, Elemento certainly seems like a technological step forward, and it’s no surprise that the price reflects that. At £335 / €375 / $400, it’s the most expensive road helmet we’ve seen yet, and when asked about it, Kask was quick to point out that it’s aimed at “elite athletes competing in the world’s best road, cross-country, cyclocross and gravel events, as well as To cyclists driven by the pursuit of ultimate performance.”

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