ChatGPT Plus has two great new features that you can try right now

Open AI chat What looks like an artificial intelligence revolution has begun Not slowing down anytime soon. While other major technology companies, such as Google And Microsoft, Entered the field of artificial intelligence, the conversation is still about ChatGPT. whatThat probably won’t change my hat after this week, since OpenAI only rolled out two huge ChatGPT Plus features, which you can try now.

OpenAI announced Friday, May 12, that they will release plug-in access and Internet access to ChatGPT Plus subscribers during the following week. These two features were previously in alpha testing, and while they haven’t been officially released yet, they’ve been moved to a more general beta testing period for all Plus users:

What’s Up With ChatGPT Plus Extensions And Internet Access?

To say that these two features of ChatGPT Plus are game changers would be a bit of an understatement. Firstly, let’s cover access to the Internet. Previously, ChatGPT was limited to a closed knowledge base (a huge knowledge base, mind you). He knew a lot and could give you information on a range of topics, but he was still limited to the confines of that dataset. If you ask him a question about a topic that happened in 2022 or after, he doesn’t have any data to work with. But tNow the hat is changing: OpenAI gives ChatGPT Plus access to the Internet, which greatly opens up its possibilities. Like Google’s Bard or Microsoft’s Bing Chat, ChatGPT can now surf the web and pull data from the Internet when you need to. This means that you can get specific information regarding your questions: You can ask a question about ChatGPT The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tearsor about latest What Elon Musk said, and artificial intelligence will not have to resort to detail from 2021 onwards. But this will not happen necessarily prevent him from hallucinatingSo you should be careful with the results.

the next, let’s talk about plug-ins. You can think of ChatGPT plugins like browser extensions for Chrome: when you add a plugin, you add third party functionality to your AI proxy, connecting the AI ​​to different third party applications.

For example, you can add the OpenTable plugin to ask ChatGPT to find a restaurant that matches your party size and interests, with availability for a specified time. The Wolfram plugin can answer questions about math, arithmetic, and data using charts directly in the ChatGPT interface. You can plan a trip, including hotel reservations and travel recommendations, using the Kayak plugin.

One particularly powerful plugin is Prompt Perfect Rewrites your prompts in order to get ChatGPT to produce the best possible result. Prompt Perfect will take one simple sentence prompt And fill it in with the details that ChatGPT can work with. Of course, it’s still best to be as specific as possible in your claims Even when using Prompt Perfect for this reason. The plugin has more to work with, too.

If you’re interested in getting started with ChatGPT plugins, Beebom has a list of them 15 of my favorite add-ons to try.

While OpenAI says it has over 70 ChatGPT plugins ready to go at this time, you can only enable three of them at a time. If you want to use more than that, you’ll need to replace your existing plugins with the ones you want to use next. This seems a bit restrictive, but it’s probably for the best, since ChatGPT automatically connects to these plugins based on your prompts. You don’t want too much, or else you risk accessing ChatGPT plugins you don’t care about.

You can follow Howfinity’s Video To get started with ChatGPT plug-ins.

How to Access and Use ChatGPT Extensions – Huge AI Update

How many new ChatGPT features it costs

However, the elephant in the room here is that none of these powerful new features are free. ChatGPT plus costs $20 per month, very steep in terms of subscriptions. By contrast, the version of ChatGPT that most of us have used is completely free, so it might seem like a big jump to get access to features like plug-ins and Internet access, in addition to existing perks like GPT-4. (Free ChatGPT only uses GPT-3.5.)

However, the price hasn’t changed since those new features dropped: It’s the same $20 a month it was last week, and now you can go online and use third-party apps via plug-ins. If you’re willing to spend the money, there’s a lot you can do with ChatGPT Plus right now.

You may also need to enable beta features to see these options at all. To do this, open ChatGPT, click on “Profile and Settings”, choose “Experimental Features”, and then enable the options you want.

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