Destiny 2 season of the deep breaks the grind in a few ways

Destiny 2 is about to release Season of the Deep a week from today, and I’m really struggling to understand how I’m going to balance that with the 100-hour gameplay of Tears of the Kingdom and my review copy of Diablo 4, with a live launch two weeks from now.

Well, it turns out that it might not be as hard as I imagined, because when you add it all up, it becomes very clear that Bungie has heard players are getting tired of the seasonal grind and… they’ve drastically underestimated the seasonal grind. While we don’t know the details of Season of the Deep’s activity, we do know plenty of new and returning concepts that should make the season a little less daunting in… years? It sure looks like it.

No seasonal grind seller – I’ll admit this entire post was sparked by something I saw Destiny Bulletin Repeat this morning, back to Joe Blackburn’s State of the Game post. In it, he says that Season of the Deep and the 22nd season after that won’t have a seasonal seller, so the mini-boxes aren’t unlocked to make playing content more rewarding. “Boxes” was a constant point raised when players say every season feels the same. Seasonal sellers may be back, Blackburn said, but they are taking a break from them for now. Although honestly, the vendor upgrades in Challenge Season were pretty breezy, they were hardly there at all.

No increase in the energy cap – This has been made clear many times prior to launch here, the soft and hard power caps have not been lifted this season. You’ll stay at whatever base strength there is now, and if you’re on top, there’s virtually no gear-strength grinding you’ll need to do. The only caveat here is that the tool Power will reset, so you’ll need to restore those levels 10-20 times more with XP alone, but no great news about grinding gears, and I think that’s happening because a bigger rework of the power system is coming in the next few seasons.

Formulation of milling solutions – This is a mixture of things that have already happened, and something that is about to happen. Bungie has definitely reduced the seasonal industry grind a lot the past few seasons. In Defiance, they positively throw seasonal engrams at you, which means it’s very easy to craft basic weapons pretty quickly (except for those damn swords). But for more difficult weapons, Bungie is now offering Deepsight Activation, where just six times per season you can make a frame-style weapon red with new currency, to fill in those ultimate gaps.

So ah, what He is There to grind, exactly? It’s nothing, it’s mostly just going to be high quality stuff. We will get new Dungeon weapons, and these weapons were not generally craftable, so you will have to search for God roll weapons manually. Same for Nightfall weapons and Trials weapons. Logic dictates that we might see another Raid get upgraded perk sets and craft weapons, and getting all of those weapons can be somewhat intense and long-term (although the chances of red framing DSC weapons have increased in the end).

I don’t know how this would feel. a lot of this He is Things we’d have been asking for, but if we scrap all the content or there’s no real reason to play other than a week-long beat-down story, people are going to complain about that, too. But for me, this is a excellent It’s time for a lighter season between Zelda and Diablo, so I’m a little thankful for that.

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