Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Zora’s Domain – Where to find King Dorfan, Lake Toto

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Of the four big objectives, the Zora Domain quest is probably the longest in Kingdom Tears. Getting to Zora’s house is easy enough, but there are several stages to that before you can even consider teaming up with an old friend.

We recommend tackling the Zora’s Domain quest as the third of four regional phenomena quests in Tears of the Kingdom. However, you can perform these tasks in any order. We took up this second, for example. We have reasons why we say do this third quest in our regional phenomenology guide.

A brief warning before we dive in here – if you’re doing this task first, be aware that there may be very light character spoilers below in some of our screenshots.

With that said, here’s your guide to getting to Zora’s domain, how to find Lake Toto, and where to find the king.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How to access Zora’s Domain, how to complete Guides to Heaven

How to prepare for the Lanayru region

Zora’s domain is located at Lanair District, the eastern district of Hyrule, surrounded by water, waterfalls and mountains. It is a beautiful and peaceful paradise. Except that it was until it was covered in brown mud.

You will be given tools to aid in swimming during this mission. However, you should grab a lot of it Splash fruit On your way across Lanayru, save up Blue Quzhou Jelly You have. Why? The water helps remove sludge. This is vital to many subsequent mysteries during this quest. If you have any Hydrant Zone devicesThis is also excellent. And stamina-boosting food is never a bad idea.

How to get to Lanayru district

The Zora’s Domain is located in the easternmost part of Lookout Landing. will travel across Lanayru Wetlandsacross the Zodupon Heightsand past Mount Roto. Get yourself wetland stablesoutheast of your central city, for some directions.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Zora's Domain - How to search for Toto Lake, where to find King Dorephan 2

You won’t pass directly by the Skyview Tower, but it might be worth getting a little out of your way and opening the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, which is south of the stable. This will give you a good view of Zora’s range in the distance, and you can stop by Kakariko too if you want. You can also go from Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower and glide to the southeast from there – this way you can also approach Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.

How to search for Zora domain

This is very easy from the stable, follow the path east past the Lanayru Wetlands Well and the ruins of Goponga village well through the moors. Follow the bridges and you will be on the right track.

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