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Startup Telly is now taking reservations in the US for free 55-inch 4K TVs that continuously display ads on part of a secondary screen. As long as you are willing to accept these ads (or edit them) and share the data, you won’t have to pay for TV.

As Telly explains, the smaller screen also shows news, sports scores, and other useful data. You won’t have to interrupt a show just to stay informed. The kit contains its own camera, array of microphones, sensors, and voice assistant, enabling video calls and motion-captured fitness apps. According to the image, this secondary screen will be a long, thin screen that lives below the TV. Reservations cover the first 500,000 TVs, which are expected to ship in the summer. I don’t buy into the notion — I’ve had stressful memories of struggling to turn off those screens in the back of taxis in New York, due to jet lag.

– Matt Smith

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The makers of New World are the ones behind the project.


Amazon struck a deal with Embracer Group to release a massively multiplayer online (MMO) title based on The Lord of the Rings Triple f The hobbit. Development in the “early stages” in new world Amazon Games Orange County studio, which will ship the game for PC and consoles on an unspecified date.

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The payment follows a deal with the federal government.

Google is still taking a financial hit over allegations that it misled customers with Pixel 4 ads. The company agreed to pay Texas $8 million to settle allegations that it paid radio hosts for “deceptive” testimonials about the Pixel 4 even though DJs couldn’t use the phone beforehand. The ads persisted even though Google was aware that they were breaking the law.

Attorney General Ken Paxton said the government settlement is important because Google has “huge impact” and no large company should expect “special treatment”. The tech giant has already reached a $9 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and six other states.

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The deal still faces an uphill battle in the US and UK.

As expected, the European Union has rubber stamped Microsoft’s bid to buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. The European Commission (the executive arm of the European Union) has said that Microsoft will have to ensure full compliance with the commitments it has made to offer its games on other platforms, especially cloud gaming services. Activision does not yet offer its titles on cloud gaming services. The European Union has warned that if Microsoft offered Activision games exclusively on its own cloud service, it could dampen competition.

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The SEC still needs an attorney to approve certain positions related to the company.


Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

A federal appeals court in Manhattan has rejected Elon Musk’s claim that the 2018 consent decree issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an unfair “pre-limit” on his speech via Tesla’s tweets. The CEO fought with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the years after settling in 2018, and more recently called on the courts to overturn the settlement. Musk claims the committee pressured him into a deal and exceeded its authority. Musk claimed that the agreement violated free speech rights. A judge denied a request to set aside the deal last April, which led to an appeal.

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