If Magico thought it would be the only American loudspeaker brand to unveil a new reference quality product at High-End Munich 2023 – those hopes have been dashed with the unveiling of the new Perlisten S7t Limited Edition Speakers Which is actually about $15,000 more expensive than the new S3.

For those considering soundbars in the $30k-$45k range – the price difference might not mean anything but it’s still quite a difference in price between the two loudspeakers we consider to be state-of-the-art.

We covered launch Pearlisten Audio in 2021 and eagerly awaited for its physical availability in the US and Canada. While they certainly don’t come cheap, the technology behind the company’s impressive new soundbar deserves some serious attention.

The Perlisten speaker brand has already made a positive impact on serious music listeners and home theater enthusiasts with its excellent standalone amplifiers and amplifiers.

Now, just two years after the launch of the iconic S7t and the full S Series, the PERLISTEN engineering team is taking another giant step forward in audio excellence.

The world premiere takes place in High End Munich 2023 It can be experienced in the audio reference booth Atrium 3.1 room D111.

Perlisten S7t limited edition front and rear angled speakers
Perlisten S7t Limited Edition Speakers

Suggested retail price is $30,000 (per pair) for the limited edition S7t. The all-new S7t Limited Edition will be designed at PERLISTEN’s corporate headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

We suppose that it will also be manufactured in the same facility but that may not be the case.

Perlisten has upgraded the tweeters to increase linear deviation, lower inductance and increase low frequency capability. DPC-Array, while maintaining the existing command and control units, the pattern is also different; All three adapters are attached to a massive aluminum heatsink in the new design.

The Limited Edition S7t also features an updated crossover that features components hand-matched and measured to tighter tolerances.

Perlisten S7t Limited Edition Speaker Driver Details

A thin layer of carbon membrane

The TexTreme Carbon Fiber (TPCD) used in our midrange driver units is also key to the performance of our tweeters, resulting in lighter-than-air dynamics and the sway you’d expect in a main tweeter that can get as low as 20Hz in a room.

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This technology is 30% lighter than standard carbon fiber of the same thickness, with increased strength from using the unique process of stacking multiple layers. The unique texture is unmistakable and distributes dislocation modes without sharp response peaks, while extending the bandwidth.

Limited edition Perlisten S7t speaker parts exploded

sound insulation

Working with the engineers at IsoAcoustics, leveraging their patented technology, Perlisten has developed a custom PERLISTEN insulation/damping system that is only available in S7t-Limited. This provides a high degree of isolation while resisting movement and lateral oscillations to maintain alignment with the listening position.

Internal reflections from the solid support surface are attenuated resulting in increased clarity and openness of the sound. Furthermore, the massive 18kg machined steel base keeps the speaker cabinet stable.

Limited edition Perlisten S7t speaker base

“The limited edition S7t represents something extraordinary, introducing new dimensions to our global presence in the audio industry. Every individual component has been refined and the packaging has been updated with radiant carbon fiber over the HDF side panels. Simply put, the limited edition is our masterpiece,” explained Pearlstein Office Manager Lars Johansen. , bringing new glory to the PERLISTEN team.”

For more information: Perlisten S7t Limited Edition

Perlisten S7t limited edition rear subwoofer inputs

Availability and pricing

The Perlisten S7t Limited Edition speakers will be available for $30,000 per pair through authorized Perlisten Audio distributors and installers.

Each speaker will be hand-matched and approved by PERLISTEN CEO Dan Roemer.

It will be strictly exclusive production run Limited to 50 pairs only It will be distributed worldwide in the fall of 2023.

Each individual speaker will be numbered, signed, and customized for a truly unique owner experience.


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