Microsoft has launched Bing Chat for Android among other AI add-ons

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has launched a new Bing Chat tool for Android and iOS.
  • Users can engage in a conversation using Bing’s ChatGPT AI for verbal or written inquiries and can also adjust its response style.
  • Android and iOS users will start seeing the tool appear next week when it is released.
  • Bing’s AI introduces a new configuration feature for Swiftkey, Edge improvements, and Skype tools, too.

Microsoft is preparing to roll out some useful AI tools this week focused on mobile and desktop users.

Bing from Microsoft has OpenAI’s own ChatGPT that supports it for all your potential queries. This week, the company is bringing some of its AI magic to Android and iOS, as mentioned in a blog post. For starters, Bing is set to introduce a new Bing Chat widget for a slew of AI features.

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