Blizzard won’t break Diablo IV at launch (for reality this time)

Gamers these days are more concerned than ever about launching games in poor countries. And with a not so great history of collapse Diablo Upon its release, Blizzard knew a lot of people were worried it was coming, Always online action RPG Diablo IV may be the The next AAA game crashes and burns on release day. But Blizzard — bless her heart — is “really confident” of that Diablo IVLaunching it will be a more stable and smooth experience this time around.

If you are reading KotakuI probably don’t have to tell you about it Notorious launch Diablo III and scaryError message 37″. Diablo IIILike her The next sequelHe also had a constant demand online, and when everyone broke in to grab and kill demons, the servers collapsed. Diablo II resurrected It suffered similar problems upon launch. And a blizzard Monitoring 2 Anything but smooth subtraction. Add up all the issues players have had with recent AAA games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor And Redfall And it’s clear why Blizzard is trying to convince people that everything is under control.

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In a new interview with EurogamerAnd Diablo IV Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora talked about how all of the beta testing that Blizzard has done over the past few months has been key to avoiding a launch disaster.

“Every one of these betas has been transformative in terms of our understanding of our technical capability and what we need to do to make the launch experience smoother overall,” said Piepiora, “so it was great.”

All the work done by Blizzard Diablo IVrelease

Blizzard said Eurogamer That before the public beta test, the company had already done a lot of internal testing. But while these tests can help find some bugs and issues, Piepiora explained this is the real deal, Extensive beta tests with real players are more useful.

“When you have people coming in through different ISPs and coming in through different servers around the world, there’s a lot of data you get from that,” Piepiora said. “And with each of those we found a lot of little things that happen, like that happens with clan invites, that happens when you join a party a certain way — a lot of little things like that across the board.”

Piepiora also wanted to make it clear that these tests weren’t apparently “marketing beta” or tests just demos to get people to buy the game and not use it to actually fix anything. “None of them were [marketing betas.] Everything revolves around it, we need the data to make sure the launch goes smoothly. That’s exactly what the betas we’ve done are for.”


Furthermore, Piepiora claimed that Blizzard and the developers are working on the future Diablo IV I “learned a lot” from each beta, noting that until the last release—Which ran smoothly all things considered—still helps the team find things that are “happening in the background” that if not caught and fixed “could have resulted in some issues during launch.” He claims that they only discovered these issues because of the additional pre-test weekend last week.

Of course, this is exactly what the company makes and sells Diablo IV He will say before the release. And while I think Blizzard is working hard to make that happen Diablo IVs launches as smoothly as possible, it’s also a situation where we have to wait and see if all that work and effort actually helps the game avoid a jittery launch. At the very least, no matter what happens, it’ll be fun to come back to look at the developers’ confident feedback after launch.

Diablo IV It’s out June 6, with early access starting June 2. somewhat.


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