DFW Airport and American Airlines sign a 10-year use and lease agreement

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Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and American Airlines today signed a new 10-year use-lease agreement, which includes $4.8 billion in pre-approved capital investments–including construction of Terminal F, renovation of Terminal C and other significant modernization projects.

Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson, Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker, DFW CEO Sean Donohue, and American Airlines CEO Robert Isom gathered at DFW today for a private signing ceremony of a use-lease agreement, marking a new era of growth and innovation for the world. The second busiest airport.

“We are very proud that Fort Worth-based American Airlines has signed this important agreement to further strengthen DFW’s position as a major hub for America and help us continue to meet the tremendous demand we are seeing in North Texas,” said Mayor Parker. Our region will become the third largest metro area in the country within the next ten years, and it is not surprising that we have the second busiest airport in the world. Today’s agreement ensures that DFW is ready for the future and continues to serve as Fort Worth’s gateway to the world.”

“As a growing international city, Dallas is proud of its partnerships with Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and American Airlines,” said Mayor Johnson. DFW Airport connects our community to the world and supports economic growth throughout our region and state. We all understand that North Texas is the place to be. Signing the new lease and use agreement is one step in ensuring that our region remains well positioned to thrive in the future.”

“The use-lease agreement not only creates a predictable and equitable business model for DFW Airport, but also affirms the commitment of the airport and our airline partners to providing passengers with the best possible travel experience,” said Sean Donohue, CEO of DFW. . “Our partnership with American Airlines, our largest airline, is stronger than ever. With the support of Robert Isom and the American team, we are making investments that pave the way for the airport of the future—one that prioritizes innovation, customer experience, and sustainability.”

“American is proud to be home to North Texas, and DFW is our largest hub and central gateway to our extensive international and domestic network,” said Robert Isom, CEO of American. “America has led the growth that has propelled DFW to become the second busiest airport in the world, and we are pleased to have finalized a new lease agreement and capital plan that is paving the way for America, DFW and North Texas for continued growth for the years to come. We value our longstanding relationship with DFW and are grateful to Mayor Parker and Mayor Johnson and DFW Airport Board and Shawn for their continued partnership.”

The use and lease agreement is the main governing document between the airlines and the airport and defines the airport’s business model. The agreement outlines DFW’s major capital projects over the next ten years. These projects include:

An estimated $2.72 billion for expansion of the Central Terminal area, including a major reimagining of Terminal C, “curb” expansions outside Terminal A and Terminal C, and significant upgrades to roadways and terminal access.

An estimated $1.63 billion for the construction of the new Terminal F, which has 15 gates. Terminal F will offer state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, including modern baggage handling, expanded concessions and additional passenger gates to accommodate the growing demand for air travel.

The terminal expansions will provide 24 additional gateways to prepare US and other airlines for long-term growth at DFW. Upon completion of construction, American will add new gates constructed in the Terminal A and Terminal C dock projects to its operational portfolio. The projects will also allow the US to expand operations at existing terminals to maximize its operational capacity and enhance the customer connecting experience. The new agreement provides the United States and DFW with the opportunity to work together on additional capital projects throughout the lease term.

The new lease-use agreement replaces the 2010 agreement — which expired in 2020 and was extended during the pandemic — and maintains many of the same working arrangements as the previous version, which will provide certainty and cost predictability to support the continued growth of the airline and DFW.

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