BlackRock mandates 4 days in the office, starting in September. Read the memo about the company’s plans.

  • BlackRock is calling employees back into the office four days a week, starting in September.
  • COO Rob Goldstein and Chief Human Resources Officer Carolyn Heller notified employees on Tuesday.
  • The New York-based company recently moved its headquarters to a different location in Manhattan.

“Being in Hudson Yards is refreshing,” BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said on the company’s quarterly earnings call last month, referring to the company’s new headquarters in New York City. It seems he wants more employees to join him.

His New York-based asset management firm told employees on Tuesday that, starting in September, they will be assigned to work in the office four days a week, with the option to work from home one day a week, according to a note seen by Insider.

Rob Goldstein, the company’s chief operating officer, and Carolyn Heller, chief human resources officer, said in the memo that they encouraged employees to prepare for this model “by increasing office work days, as your schedule allows, over the next few months.” BlackRock recently moved its headquarters to Hudson Yards, on the west side of Manhattan, from Midtown. The company has a 20-year lease on Hudson Yards.

BlackRock told employees last fall that they had to work in the office at least three days a week.

“I have to tell you, our 4,000 employees in New York are energized by our new energy lighting space, and the opportunity. We hope this translates to how we do our work with our clients every day,” Fink said last month, according to a transcript from research provider Sentieo.

In an interview with Fox Business last September, Fink linked a return to in-office work with a more productive workforce and lower inflation.

“We will require our employees to be more aware of their responsibilities in the office. We will consider: How do we get our employees back? We believe this will be a key element in lowering inflation and increasing productivity.”

“See you at the office!” Goldstein and Heller said in the email to staff Tuesday.

Read the full note here.

Dear Colleagues,

When we think about what drives our company forward, it all comes down to our greatest asset – our people. We’ve felt the energy of being together, in our larger offices, our newer spaces, as well as our smaller communities, all over the world. It is this energy, and the forces of horizontal collaboration, that make BlackRock so special.

At the company, we enjoy a culture of collaboration and professional training that benefits our customers and enriches the experience of our employees. Career development happens in teaching moments between team members, and is accelerated during market-moving moments, when we step up and get into the mix. All of this requires us to be together in the office. Bringing our people into the room to observe and contribute is how we grow the next generation of leaders and stay ahead of our customers’ needs. Therefore, we are developing our Future of Work (FoW) pilot program to fit these needs.

Our approach will continue to include flexibility. To make better use of the benefits of being together, we will transition to a minimum of four days a week in the office, with the flexibility to work from home one day a week. This new approach begins September 11th, and we encourage you to transition to this model by increasing your days in the office, as your schedule allows, over the next few months. You can learn more in our FoW FAQ.

We again offer seasonal flexibility, giving you the opportunity to work remotely for two weeks over a period of time relevant to your country. If you plan to use these weeks to work outside your home or office address, you are required to submit a signed Workday exception request which will be subject to review and approval. As always, remember to take advantage of the FTO when you need time off.

While we must all constantly adhere to the requirements of freedom to work, there will be occasions when each of us may need some extra flexibility to work from home. Not unlike how we operated prior to the pandemic, we encourage you to discuss your needs with your manager as these situations arise.

when moving quickly. Events that command high customer interest happen, having our teams together to find solutions, seize opportunities and learn from each other makes a difference. Thank you for your participation and support. See you in the office!

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