watchOS 10: Here’s what the rumors say about features, release dates, and more

Apple will officially announce its next major update to the Apple Watch software in less than a month. Arriving at WWDC on June 5, watchOS 10 is rumored to pack a number of major changes and new features, including a major rethink of how users access information from various apps and services.

watchOS 10: What new features are coming?

watchOS 10 is expected to contain a number of significant changes, according to Apple Watch bloomberg Mark Gorman. An Ice Apple reporter described the update as a “fairly comprehensive upgrade” that focuses on “notable changes to the user interface”.

Notably, the focus on the Apple Watch program comes during a year in which Apple Watch devices are expected to remain the same. While the Apple Watch Series 9 due out this fall may feature improved performance for the first time in several years, there are no rumors of other major hardware changes. This suggests that Apple’s goal for this year is to keep Apple Watch users excited about changes in the software rather than the hardware.

As for what exactly is in watchOS 10 this year in terms of new features, one area of ​​focus will be the new reliance on gadgets. according to bloomberg, watchOS 10 will include a new focus on widgets as a “central part” of the Apple Watch interface.

As part of this focus on tools, bloomberg He said watchOS 10 may change the functionality of the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. In the current version of watchOS, pressing the Digital Crown takes you to the Apple Watch home screen. However, in watchOS 10, Apple is testing having the Digital Crown open the new widgets interface instead.


If this new widget system looks familiar, it’s because it’s similar to the Peeps feature on the first Apple Watch. The idea of ​​Glances, which Apple removed in watchOS 3, was to give users easy access to pieces of information from different apps and services. However, the feature was discontinued when Apple tried (and failed) to push standalone apps instead.

So why is Apple trying again to make widgets on the Apple Watch a thing? The reasoning is probably twofold:

  1. Over the years, there has been a steady decline in the number of standalone Apple Watch apps. Companies ranging from Facebook to Uber and many others have stopped their Apple Watch apps entirely.
  2. Now that widgets are widely supported on iPhone and iPad home screens, it will be easier for developers to bring their existing widgets to the Apple Watch. It is assumed that the widgets on the Apple Watch will be powered by the same WidgetKit framework that powers the widgets on the iPhone and iPad. In theory, this means that it will be relatively easy for developers to bring the existing widget structure to the Apple Watch.

Looking beyond gadgets, there are a few other things that Apple has been working on this year that will likely have an impact on watchOS 10. According to Wall Street JournalApple is working on a new Journal app for iOS 17. It’s likely that this app will have at least some kind of integration with the Apple Watch.

A Twitter leaker, who has since deleted his account, claimed that watchOS 10 will include support for folders on the home screen.

At WWDC this year, Apple is also expected to preview its new mixed reality headset after years of development. The headset is expected to offer a number of features, including fitness and mediation, that could pair well with existing Apple Watch features.

finally, bloomberg I also mentioned that Apple is developing new mood and emotional tracking features. One would think that these features would be available on the Apple Watch, even if it was in the form of rich notifications of some kind.

One thing that remains unclear is which Apple Watch models will support watchOS 10. The release of watchOS 9 last year dropped support for the Apple Watch Series 3. Whether or not Apple has plans to drop the Apple Watch Series 4 this year remains to be seen.

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watchOS 10 is set for an official announcement at WWDC, which will go live on June 5. The company will release the first beta to developers on the same day, followed by a public beta sometime in July, and a release to the public in September. We have more details on specific timelines in our custom watchOS 10 roundup.

What are you most excited to see in watchOS 10 this year? Do you think shifting to focus on widgets would be an improvement for the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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