TCL’s 2023 TV lineup brings you high FPS gaming on the cheap

TCL is starting to push its lineup of 2023 TVs today, and while the price-conscious brand promises new models with better backlighting, darker areas, and optional companion speakers, the big news revolves around the brand’s tweaks and some software-powered gaming features.

TV brands are a bit of a mess right now, even with The best televisions Cool names like “Samsung Q70A QLED 4K”. This is why TCL is repurposing all of its TVs to fit one of two brands: S Classand Q Class. As with X-BoxS class. It is more entry level, while Q class It is intended for power users and is where you will find the biggest difference over previous models.

We technically knew about this trademark mod Since CES earlier this yearHowever, having been able to view these TVs in a closed press meeting, I can definitely say that they are worth a look now that at least some of them are available to the public. The place was very dark and the content was very organized, but it was all bright and lively. Pricing is usually where TCL makes the strongest case for itself, and the new sets are likely to be a bargain compared to those from more expensive and more established brands like Samsung and LG. each category Three models.

The S SeasonThe S2 is the simplest of the bunch, and reads a bit like a relic, topping out at 720p and 32in. The S3 takes you up to 1080p with some light HDR capabilities (HDR 10 & HLG) and a maximum size of 43 inches. The S4 is the most advanced in the budget and will give you full 4K picture, Dolby Vision, and the inclusion of MEMC (motion smoothing) framerate, which isn’t great for all content but will work just fine for sports, hence TCL’s NFL partnership. There is also support for virtual surround including Dolby atmos and DTS Virtual X, and the maximum size is up to 85 inches. All S class. The TV uses an LED panel, but comes with some kind of smart TV software (Roku on the S2 and your choice of Roku or Google TV on the S3 and S4.

TCL Smart TV

picture: Michelle Erhardt/Gizmodo

Q class It is where you will get more advanced display technologies including QLED (quantum dot) and mini-LED. It also debuted TCL’s “Game Acceleration” program, which uses software to sacrifice resolution in favor of twice the refresh rate, allowing 4K panels to run games more smoothly at 1440p.

Starting from the Q class It’s the Q6, which has everything the S4 does, plus the 120 Game Accelerator, which lets it play at max 4K @ 60fps or 1440p @ 120fps. It also has VRR capabilities (which matches your TV’s refresh rate to your console’s frame rate to avoid screen tearing), a Q-series remainder Involved.

The Q7 bumps the game accelerator up to “Game Accelerator 240”, which means you can play games at either a maximum of 4K @ 120fps or a maximum of 1440p @ 240fps. There’s also more than 200 reported dimming zones and 1,000 nits of peak brightness, as well as Dolby Vision iq, which uses a light sensor inside a room to adjust brightness.

The QM8 keeps all of that but switches the display technology from QLED to a more advanced mini-LED, which means smaller backlighting and better contrast. Dimming zones go up to 2300+ and peak brightness doubles to 2000. There’s also Wifi 6, and the size ranges from 65″ to 98″. I’ve seen the QM8 in action alongside a Samsung QN85C OLED TV, and while the latter produced more natural contrast occasionally, the QM8’s brightness and saturation give a more interesting picture and make small details easier to notice.

Unlike the S class.Smart TV program on Q Class Collections are limited to Google TV only.

The S4 is available now, starting at $279. The Q6, Q7, and QM7 are also now available, and start at $500, $750, and $1,700, respectively. While four figures for the more premium model certainly isn’t cheap, given that Sony TVs Often starting with at least an extra $200, it’s worth making sure you’re not paying extra just for a brand name when you shop.

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