European markets are mixed with an eye on the Turkish elections; The European Commission raises its expectations

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AXA’s CFO says the insurance company is seeing rates go up across the board

Alban de Mailly Nesle, AXA Chief Financial Officer, discusses the insurance company’s first-quarter earnings and discusses its pricing strategy as it looks to navigate macroeconomic challenges.

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The European Commission raises inflation expectations

The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, raised its inflation forecasts for the region and warned against tightening financing conditions.

In its latest economic forecasts, the Brussels Foundation estimates that inflation will reach 5.8% this year and 2.8% in 2024 for the eurozone. This is well above the European Central Bank’s target of 2%.

As a result, the Commission now expects the ECB to continue its rate-raising cycle, which in turn could lead to a deterioration in lending conditions across the region.

“As inflation remains high, financing conditions are set to tighten even further. Although the ECB and other EU central banks are expected to be nearing the end of their rate hike cycle, the recent turmoil in the financial sector is likely to lead to Increasing pressure on cost and access to credit, slowing investment growth and hitting residential investment particularly hard,” the European Commission said in a statement.

Back in March, many of the smaller US banks were pressured by rising interest rates. A string of bailouts in the US has raised questions about the stability of the banking system and whether more lenders will succumb to pressure from higher interest rates.

European officials emphasized that European banks are well capitalized and subject to stricter regulations. However, in an environment where interest rates are rising, borrowers may struggle to honor credit payments.

The European Commission has also stated that there are better growth prospects for the region, as it revised its GDP estimates upward. It now expects growth in the European Union to come in at 1% this year versus the 0.8% expected about three months ago, and to come in at 1.7% in 2024 instead of the previous forecast of 1.6%.

Silvia Amaro

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Turkey’s BIST-100 fell as much as 6% on the back of the presidential election results

Turkey’s BIST-100 index fell 6% as markets opened, as investors responded to the uncertainty raised by the results of the country’s inconclusive presidential election.

Turkey is now facing an unprecedented run-off after Recep Tayyip Erdogan received no more than 50% of the vote, and his rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, did not receive more than 50% of the vote.

– Hannah Ward Glinton

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The World Platinum Investment Council says the platinum shortage in 2023 will be worse than expected

The global platinum shortage will be worse than expected in 2023, according to the latest report from the World Platinum Investment Council.

The WPIC report said the 2023 platinum deficit will be about 983,000 ounces (983 koz), an upward revision of 77% from its latest forecast in March.

see chart…

Platinum price chart.

Global platinum demand will be up 28% this year compared to last year, while supply will be down 1% year-on-year.

– Hannah Ward Glinton

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CNBC Pro: UBS is betting European banks are betting on automakers right now. Here’s why

European bank stocks are poised to outperform automakers for the foreseeable future, according to UBS.

The investment bank highlighted three structural changes that could lead to big gains for bank stocks over their auto counterparts, despite the similarities in their economic cycles.

CNBC Pro subscribers can read more about these three reasons here.

– Ganesh Rao

7 hours ago

CNBC Pro: Bank of America Loves These 10 Unloved Global Stocks With a Big Rally

Bank of America strategists have named the 10 European stocks they believe are currently undervalued and can provide significant investment returns.

These picks, which the investment bank refers to as the “Beat Factor Top 10,” consist primarily of industrial and financial companies.

According to the investment bank, one stock is projecting an upside of more than 60% over the next 12 months.

CNBC Pro subscribers can read more here.

– Ganesh Rao

5 hours ago

European Markets: Here are the opening calls

European markets are preparing to start the new trading week in mixed territory.

Britain’s FTSE 100 is expected to open 1 point higher at 7751, Germany’s DAX 10 points higher at 15,895, France’s CAC 3 points at 7,401 and Italy’s FTSE MIB 7 points at 27,085, according to data from IG.

Profits are set to come from Porsche.

– Holly Ellytt

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