Lego 2K Drive Xbox Achievements Reveal Potential 1000G Golds

Lego 2K Drive Acceleration on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One this week, and now you can check out the full Xbox Achievements list ahead of time.

The Lego 2K Drive launches on Friday, May 19, 2023 and will bring the light-hearted fun of the Lego franchise to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One with an open world racing twist. If you’d like a sneak peek at what we’ll be up to, you can see our Lego 2K Drive achievements below:
Offering single, co-op and competitive play, we’ll be able to explore the world of Bricklandia in a range of vehicles that change depending on the terrain we’re traversing in Lego 2K Drive. It’s a semi-open world racing game featuring fun Lego fun. Expect a colorful cast of characters, chaotic mini-games, over-the-top storylines, and more between the actual races. As for the achievements, there seems to be a lot going on causing carnage around Brecklandia, as well as completing major competition races. For the most part, it appears to be a simple enough menu, which asks us to find all the collectibles, unlock a number of different items, etc… the usual open world stuff, but there’s one likeness element that can be a pain.

After spending about ten hours with the game over the weekend, the Golden Ending achievement of getting a gold medal in every On-The-Go event can be quite a challenge. So far, I’ve seen over 50 of these challenges, and while they’re pretty short to complete, many of them are far from easy for silver medals, let alone gold. Of course, this could all change during the endgame, so we’ll need to wait to find out.

Lego 2K Drive Xbox Achievements

There are 38 achievements that are worth a total of 1000 Gamerscore, and none of them are secret.

name a description gamerscore
I couldn’t have drifted better Drift 5000 meters 10
Big Butte champion Beat the Big Butte Grand Brick Arena race in story mode 10
heat seeker Hit opponents with missiles 15 times 10
Hope Abington Jump 100 times 10
Cruising Prospecto Valley Roam Prospecto Valley in story mode 10
sidewalk pig 200 infantrymen jumped into the air 10
brick separator Destroy 1000 objects 10
Cruising Big Butte County Roam Big Butte County in story mode 10
A charismatic mentor Get your first checkered flag in story mode 10
Cruising Hauntsborough Walk around Hauntsborough in story mode 10
New challengers Play 10 races or mini-games in Play All 10
3K drive Driving 3,000 miles (4,828 km) 10
Just the beginning Collect 50 new vehicles 10
pit crew Collect 15 new drivers 10
pig way Destroying 200 traffic vehicles 10
He is used to working Wreck 100 times 10
Prospecto Champion Beat the Prospecto Valley Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode 10
What does this button do? Use each type of energy at least once 10
Free banana smoothie Explore all the garages in the world in story mode 10
Read the guide Complete all Go-Kart tutorial chapters in the garage 10
Honking means hello Talk to 150 people 10
Hauntsborough Champion Beat the Hauntsborough Grand Brick Arena race in story mode 10
Missile missile Avoid 50 missiles by jumping over them in the races 30
All hurrah Collect 10 perks 30
bearing plane Find all the jetpacks in Big Butte County in story mode 30
spinner coaster Find all the rotorpacks in Prospecto Valley in story mode 30
Bat buds Find all the Bat Packs in Hauntsborough in Story Mode 50
The promotional campaign is ready Find all the collectibles in Big Butte County 30
Town treasurer Find all the collectibles in Prospecto Valley 30
Paranormal Pimp Find all collectibles in Hauntsborough 30
golden finish Win a gold medal in every event while navigating the world 30
6k drive Drive 6,000 miles (9,656 km) 30
You break stuff! Destroy 15,000 objects 30
Experienced Go to level 30 in story mode 30
Heaven’s Cup Champion Beat the Sky Cup Grand Prix in story mode 100
higher orbit Spin 1080 degrees in the air without using a jetpack 100
crystal clear Cut down every patch of weed in the world in story mode 100
folk hero Complete all missions in the world in story mode 100

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Welcome to Bricklandia, home of the massive open-world LEGO® driving adventure. Race anywhere, play with anyone, build your dream games, and take down loads of rivals in wild races for the coveted Sky Trophy!

Racing around Bricklandia for some Lego 2K Drive fun later this week? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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