Galaxy Z Flip 5: Samsung’s first foldable phone with the potential to transform iPhone users – is it worth it?

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 looks absolutely stunning in the new exclusives, thanks to its external display that’s almost the same size as the screen on the original iPhone (2007). Let it sink in…

As someone who uses the iPhone 13 mini as my primary phone, while also testing devices like the Pixel 7 Pro, Galaxy S23 Ultra, and iPhone 14 Pro, I was the target audience for a foldable clamshell, but I know this in my heart that Apple probably won’t make one, But they really should.

Here’s an alternate universe where Apple wasn’t making a VR headset but a foldable iPhone. And who knows… maybe Tim Cook will read this and change his mind, pulling the multi-million dollar Apple VR headset project to replace it with a foldable iPhone. Yes. completely. 100%.

The foldable iPhone of my (and your) dreams is so easy to make! and even Apple makes it happen, and you may never pay $1,000 for a new iPhone.

Hello apple! I’m not paying $1,000 for an iPhone 15 Pro with a new action button and thinner display bezels

If you’re a regular PhoneArena reader, you might already know that I buy my iPhones from eBay because I’m…my business. Well, I’m cheap, that’s especially true after I fell in love with Google’s marketing for the Pixel 6 Pro, paying $900 up front for a phone that would continue to be a buggy mess after almost a full year of its existence. I made an exception to my rule and it turned out to be wrong, which is why my next phone was a used (but original) iPhone 13 mini which I stumbled upon for only $450! Including ten months of Apple’s warranty… baby. I’m sorry.

So speaking of buying iPhones, other than being practical, the other reason I wouldn’t shell out $1,000 for Apple’s new flagship is… I don’t think Apple really made a $1,000 iPhone (iPhone X – iPhone 14 Pro). At least for me.

Compared to the vanilla iPhone, Apple’s flagship “Pro” phones have extra features that never convinced me to jump over the psychological $1,000 price threshold…

  • 3x zoom camera (far behind the competition, especially in low light)
  • Smoother 120Hz screen (60Hz on the iPhone has always been more than enough for me)
  • A slightly higher (but heavier) stainless steel/titanium frame—not a real selling point, if you ask me
  • Of course there are other small advantages to using the “Pro” iPhone, which may be less important in the context of this story

I’ll keep buying $500 iPhones off eBay until Apple makes a really $1,000 (foldable) phone

Sure, the massive $1,000 price tag might be a psychological barrier for me, but regardless, I can’t speak to paying full (high) price for an iPhone that barely brings anything (really) new to the table. She gets me started on the iPhone design, which has looked more or less identical for the past four years now. Of course, the unbiased truth is that the same is true of phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro, which hardly look any different from their predecessors. But that’s what I think.

but! I’m willing to pay $1,000 for…the right iPhone!

If Apple wants your hard-earned $1,000 (some editors may disagree with some parts of that statement), here’s a ransom note, Tim: Until I get what I want, you ain’t got $1,000, I keep buying second — and out Hand iPhone from eBay. I bet you will be touched by that…

Apple should make a “Galaxy Z Flip 5 running iOS” because this would be the first iPhone since the original to feel “all-new”; It’s easy for Apple to opt out; And because Apple will most likely have it right From the first try

  • As a small iPhone 13 user who likes to be able to use their phone with one hand at all times, I not only want, but need a smaller screen, which is why an external screen just like the one in Galaxy Z Flip 5 is my dream solution to the problem of large iPhone screens

  • Make a foldable iPhone and stick an Apple Watch on the back, an Apple (larger Apple Watch); That’s right — treating the rear screen of a foldable phone like a smartwatch might be the smartest, most straightforward way to make that display truly useful and justify its existence; Of course, I also don’t mind running full screen apps on this screen, but I think the idea of ​​better optimized apps likes me more

  • From a technical perspective, given that the technology is now definitely “there” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), it should be relatively easy for Apple to make a great foldable clamshell iPhone; samsung, Huawei and a number of other Android phone makers have already paved the way for foldable phones, which means Apple can easily show up late and steal the show — and that happens more often than you know.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 – Samsung’s first foldable phone that has the potential to transform an iPhone user?

Now, some of you might ask: “Martin, why not just buy the Galaxy Z Flip 5, instead of ordering a foldable iPhone that may never be made?” And the answer is…maybe. In reality, Samsung flagships tend to lose resale value pretty quickly, which really works in my favor — again, I’d like to get my devices at bargain prices, and the main roadblock for me might be that Samsung’s new Galaxy Flip won’t run iOS. And I know this is just another way of saying “it won’t be an iPhone,” but the focus here is on the ecosystem I found myself “locked” in, which just so happens to be held together by iOS — not by the iPhone’s stainless steel frame and glue around it.

Of course, none of this is Samsung’s fault. In fact, I generally prefer Android over iOS, but I use a MacBook as my work laptop (thanks to it being the best laptop on the market for the kind of work I do), which makes using the iPhone as my main device that much easier. AirDrop and stuff.

So, who knows… Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 might finally turn me on! The giant Galaxy S23 Ultra certainly fails to do so, but that’s because it’s flawed by design (to me). I just love small phones.

Of course, that is if the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s external display is “right,” Samsung! You’ll read about this in detail in a different article on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 but I’m pretty much asking for as much functionality as possible. We’re talking about an external display that allows me to use any/almost any app I can run on the larger internal display. Or at least the tools that make the same thing possible.

Look, Samsung… I’m on the fence! I’m asking you to do something Apple will never do. Help me get over the fence, I guess?

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