Destiny 2’s Season of The Deep is facing some huge release date competition

While Destiny 2 is fairly married to its seasonal schedule, unless some expansion delay causes an unplanned extension, it can sometimes mean new seasons dropping at… inopportune times.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep will arrive on May 23, which means:

  • Less than two weeks after The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on May 12, it’s a 20-2000 hour game, depending on how many misfits you want to build.
  • It’s only a week away from Diablo 4’s early access on June 1, before its full launch on June 6, and its first season will begin sometime in July after everyone finishes the campaign.
  • A month before Final Fantasy XVI on June 22 and a month after Jedi Survivor on April 28. Again, two great games in the same window.

I think the biggest point of concern out of all of these would be Diablo 4, as the two games share some significant overlap in terms of looting/farming ambitions, and are launching for a week. Diablo is basically the root DNA of Destiny in the first place, and many Destiny players have been avid Diablo players in the past (myself included). Add to that the fact that Diablo is now following Destiny down the live-service rabbit hole with themed seasons full of new story content, monsters, and gear (and of course, battle passes) and it’s going to be hard to reconcile the two.

I think Season of the Deep looks a lot of fun, to be clear, because I love Titan’s setup and I’m curious as to what exactly they do with the underwater concept. But man, it sure doesn’t feel like I’m going to finish Zelda before that (I haven’t even finished Jedi Survivor which I have to put in for Zelda now), and then as soon as June 1st arrives, Diablo will just go to eclipse everything else.

The good news? Sure, there are some.

I’ve done the math on this in past seasons, and if you want to do basically a minimum amount of Destiny 2 story content every week to keep up with the plot, it’s probably only like 20-30 minutes of actual play, 30-45 depending Week and number of flag entries you want to read. If you want to grind new dungeon and craft all weapons etc this That’s where real-time distribution comes in, but seasonal story content is spread relatively thinly, so the bottom line is… minimum, relative to the basic structure of the story.

Secondly, one thing no What is happening this season is the energy cap is not increased. Absolutely. No more grinding if you’ve already finished it this season (and very little if you’re at least close). The only thing that resets is the power of artifacts, but no more searching for power-ups/tops this season at all.

Finally, Seasons of Destiny…not quite as urgent. Yes, you must finish it before the end of a program year If you don’t want to miss them, but there’s no reason you can’t play in the last month of the season when there are fewer events, or even skip an entire season and come back to it later in the year when there are fewer events. I mean I You can’t do that as someone who needs live game coverage, but maybe you can!

Normally this kind of mayhem only happens in the fall, but in the modern age of gaming most of the big fall games are delayed until spring, and here we are. So, Zelda, then finishing Jedi and then Week of Destiny and then Diablo, whew. Let’s start there.

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