Aston Martin will launch the next-generation DB GT on May 24

The motivating images show a familiar shape accompanied by the message “Big is not enough”.

Exterior teaser of the next generation Aston Martin

A new generation of Aston Martin performance cars is coming soon almost. The UK-based automaker has announced a May 24 debut date for the next-generation DB, starting with a car described as “Not just a GT. Grand isn’t enough.”

The ad comes with teaser images that hint at design cues for the new model. The silhouetted sports car has a familiar shape on the outside, though Aston Martin suggests this initial vehicle is not just a new DB series, but a new class of vehicle that will “break free from the standards of the GT segment.” There is also a suggestion that it will be something especially Special, designed to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary on the iconic DB line.

To that end, the interior teaser shows a center console packed with controls. We see buttons for suspension settings and what looks like an active exhaust feature. There are controls for stability and traction settings, driver assistance features, heated/ventilated seats, climate controls, and the stereo. Part of the digital display shows the intelligent climate control system, and in the middle of the console is a prominent engine start / stop button. Yes, there is still a fuel burner under the hood.

This is very similar to the spy photos of the DB11’s successor – likely called the DB12 – which first appeared in January. There are obvious changes to the grille and headlights, showing Valhalla influence. This is especially true with the teardrop lights, which are clearly visible in the teaser photos with the larger lenses and three interior items. The teasers also feature the larger grille.

Video captured the latest sighting of a camouflage-wrapped car prototype getting an all-out workout at the Nurburgring. Rumors abound that V12 power will return for the next-generation DB, and videographers on the scene thought there was a twelve-tone pot to the prototype exhaust. A deeper soundtrack reminiscent of a V8 engine appears in the video, but the takeaway is that internal combustion is still alive and well in Aston Martin.

This does not mean that electricity will not come. Valhalla already features a plug-in hybrid powertrain that mates a twin-turbocharged V8 with two electric motors for 950 horsepower. There’s no reason to think hybrid systems won’t work their way through Aston Martin’s future lineup, which includes no less than eight new cars by 2026.

This future begins in less than two weeks. Stay tuned for more teasers and a full reveal, which we’ll cover in detail here at

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