Save $15 on one of the best Xbox Series X wireless headsets.

There is an elephant in the room. it’s called The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears. A lot of people are playing an unhealthy amount of it this weekend, including a lot of us at Polygon. If you aren’t, don’t worry. We know there must be some of you out there looking for deals on other non-Zelda related stuff, so that’s what we’re here to offer (we’ll only mention Zelda a few times).

Below, you’ll find some of this week’s best gaming and entertainment deals, including the products that lit up the sales charts, in case you’re curious what others have on their radars. Some products worth checking out this weekend include the LG C2 OLED, a whole bunch of Tintin paperbacks, and a big sale on Criterion Collection films.

The best gaming deals this week

One of our favorite Xbox Series X accessories, the Xbox Wireless Headset, is currently on sale to $85 at Amazon (usually $100), which is a rarity for this model. This headset is worth buying if you’ve always been gaming on Xbox, as it can easily connect to your console, has Bluetooth to pick up phone calls, or let you listen to music. They also have surprisingly good sound quality, are comfortable to wear, and offer some clever volume/chat controls built into the earbuds.

If you’re in the market for a TV with a gaming chipset, you can’t go wrong with the LG C2 OLED. Normally priced at $2,499.99, Woot has reduced the 65-inch model to just $1,394.99 through May 14, or while stocks last. OLED TVs deliver unparalleled contrast and accurate lighting in every scene, and the C2 stands out from other OLED TVs for having game-centric features like AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync technology for adaptive syncing for console and PC. For more technical details, we recommend reading our in-depth review of the C2 OLED on our sister site, the edge.

You can now pre-order the Asus ROG Ally Laptop for $700. Polygon Editor-in-Chief Chris Plante frequently compared it to Steam Deck in his review, which you should read. But it’s understandable that some people want devices with a physical keyboard, as well as a larger screen. If you fit in the last bucket, the Lenovo Legion Pro 5i laptop might suit you better, with its large 16-inch, 1600p display.

Normally available for $1,749, you can currently pick up the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060-equipped model at B&H Photo for just $1,399. In addition to a moderately powerful (but still mid-range) GPU, the Pro 5i also includes 32GB of fast DDR5 RAM, 1TB of SSD storage, and a 13th Gen Intel CPU.

Gamers from 2020 and 2021 must be absolutely infuriated by the fact that you can now easily buy a PlayStation 5 from Best Buy bundled with God of War RagnarokAnd And It’s discounted to $509.99 (usually $559.99).

This deal first appeared in late March, with an initial end date of mid-April. We were here in May, and we’re not mad because it keeps happening. It’s a golden opportunity if you’re one of the few people still looking forward to getting home a PS5. Just don’t forget to pick up a PS5-ready SSD, and maybe a PSVR 2 headset while you’re at it.

If you’re interested in trying a new TTRPG system, Humble is currently offering starfinder Solidarity Package, with proceeds going to The Trevor Project. At the $5 pledge level, you’ll get access to PDF versions of starfinder The Core Rulebook, its space archive, starter box, and other helpful extras to get you started. Although you’re always welcome to pay what you want, making a contribution of at least $5 will give you access to a grand total of 27 PDFs, plus a physical hardcover copy of starfinder Alien Archive 2 f starfinder Critical hit group. It’s a combined value of $423.

Top selling products of the week on Polygon

This week’s best entertainment shows

There were some surprising movers and shakers this week that pleased Polygon’s entertainment department, including the Tintin Paperback Boxed set, and the Star Wars Complete Vehicles cross-section book.

Tintin: The Complete Box Set

Look for The Calculus Affair and many other classics in this Tintin collection – or choose to order based on adventure preference!

The criterion collection even includes contemporary films such as Metal sound

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

If you’re looking to add some classic movies to your library, Criterion Collection is currently hosting a Spring Sale, which is 30% off their entire catalog, including pre-orders. Includes some cinema essentials for sale Thelma and LouiseAnd Night of the living deadAnd And Malcolm X. However, The Criterion Collection also includes more contemporary classics such as Metal soundAnd Pan’s LabyrinthAnd And parasite.

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